Thursday, May 19, 2016

Ward Mission Leaders, a Wedding, and Wasps!
May 16, 2016

Wasps have infested Alaska. Don't worry, my district leader sucks them up with a vacuum.

Wedding! So we picked up an investigator and his girlfriend when the elders left two weeks 
ago, and he's doing pretty well. We go over to their house on Friday, and they tell us they've 
decided to get married! Yay! In two days! Yay! We baked them some Ghirardelli brownies 
(thanks, Mom!) and spread some frosting on top to make it look cake-ish.

The traditional cake shoving!  Happiness and blessings.  I think this is the first wedding
 I've been to that wasn't for someone related to me.  Weddings are actually pretty cool.

This is my by the Click Day door (every time you hit another month on your on your mission, you click forward to the next month) at my twelfth click day, which I hit last Friday.

I just wanted to take a moment to acknowlege how thankful I am for all of my wonderful ward mission leaders.  The ones right now are really good!  Jeramia is our branch mission leader for YSA, and Brother Baksis is ours for 2nd ward.  Well, what does a ward mission leader do, you might ask!  Coordinate the missionary work between us and the members!  Basically motivate everyone in the ward to do missionary work and help us know what to do.  Jeramia's a lieutenant in the army, so he's already got the motivational part down.  And Brother Baksis is the best complimenter I know, so he's got the motivation that way.  Both are awesome people.  They set up lessons for us and get members to lessons and just are in general amazing.  So go contact your local ward mission leader today and tell them you want to do missionary work!

This is super scattered, just like my week has been!

Don't do drugs!  Or eat the yellow snow.  Or the brown snow, that's pretty much all that's left.

Sister Rollins

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