Monday, October 26, 2015

Oct 26, 2015

At the beginning of this week, Sister Galli's goal was to have more meekness in trial (she's 
studying the song "More Holiness Give Me" line by line each week.) It wasn't as bad as we 

In fact, we met an amazing couple yesterday! They were invited by some members to our 
Meet the Mormons movie night we had on Friday, and then they wanted a Bible, and 
missionaries make great messengers :) so we raided the church library and headed on 
down the road! They were super friendly and Sheila has a beautiful Texan accent that Sister Galli picks up as she talks to her. They love learning about other religions and right now are just searching for what God wants them to do. Talk about prepared! They're fabulous and 
wanted to make sure we came back again.

We also had some fun finding experiences. We've had a goal to talk to 10 new people a 
day, which would happen if there were actual amounts of people in Alaska. We've been 
averaging probably about 3, which is most of the people we see that aren't in their cars. In 
an effort to see and be able to talk to more people, we decided to walk most of the way 
across town (about 30 minutes) and talk to everyone we saw. Since it was Saturday 
morning, we figured we'd see several people... And we saw a whopping 2 people getting 
into their car 50 feet up the road. It was a good time. The best part was that I felt inspired to walk up to this house and knock on their door, so I head up the driveway with my trusting
 companion. We get close to the door and see a lovely little sign on white paper written with a nice red marker: "Do not knock. Don't ring the doorbell. Go away. JUST LEAVE." We had a good laugh... Poor guys, they must have had a rough day. #alaska

Stocking salmon and ammo for the Second Coming is actually a thing.

Sister Galli is doing really well at not being trunky, even though she's only got one transfer
 after this one. We've convinced ourselves she has another year. As for other elders in my
 district... I can't say the same time. Describing how you're so excited to buy your RV and
drive back to Alaska every day doesn't help.

Two of the big families in town have kids who just got engaged, so that's the talk of the town.

Grace is my new favorite subject. Divine assistance you receive through faith and
 repentance. I don't know about you, but I need all the divine assistance that I can get.

The trees are now all bare, both of leaves and of snow. All of Soldotna is holding its breath as we wait for real winter to set in. We haven't plugged in our car yet!

Stay warm, remember who you are!

Sister Rollins

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Oct 19, 2015

Ditch diving


Pro tip: don't drive into a ditch. If you pray hard enough, you might be able to get out of it (Sister Rollins: 1, Ditch: 0) but then you might lock the keys in the car (Sister Rollins: 1, 
Ditch: 1). We'll see if I can win next week. Did I mention that this Jeep we drive is still 

People are doing pretty well. Sister Galli got to experience Funny River for the first time! 
It's... Tiny, and odd. Classic Alaska, with dirt roads and people talking about driving into 
town and lots of old homesteaders. They're probably the cutest people ever.

We are working with a lot of people who I met at the beginning of my time here and either 
were busy during the summer or we just lost contact with and now they're interested again. 
It's weird having the same teaching pool as I did five months ago... And thinking that it's
been five months! But good. I love it. There's lots of cute old ladies.

Our spiritual message that we've been sharing with people at dinner has been going really well. First, we pull out a bucket of jelly beans. Then, without telling them what it is, we go 
down the list from chapter 4 of Preach my Gospel and tell everyone to take a jelly bean
for every experience that they've had. Then, if they want to, they can share some of those 
experiences. It's been really cool to hear people's experiences, and they catch on to the 
theme pretty quickly, but some of them surprise you... The point of the jelly beans is that
we often limit our spiritual experiences to church and maybe reading the scriptures, but in 
reality, just as there are many flavors of jelly beans that are all sweet, so too are our spiritualexperiences different but still sweet. It's been really cool to be able to feel the spirit that is 
brought from sharing experiences as well. Hey, here's my commitment to all of you: go over that list and share one of those experiences with someone. It could be me, or it could be 
your mom, or anyone else. But do it.

I love you all! I see moose and miracles on the daily, and miracles probably more often. But they're both real and awesome.


Sister Rollins

Monday, October 12, 2015

Oct 12, 2015
Comforters and muddy roads

Rain! Rain. Rain. No snow. Raaaaain. Oh hey rain.

The clouds make it just barely not snowable.

This week was great! Sister Galli and I have finally gotten into the swing of things. She now gets my jokes when no one else does, and we've mastered communicating without anyone else noticing.

Raking leaves and chopping wood happens often. A lot of people here don't rake their 
leaves, though - they just mow over them and grind them up. It works pretty good, especially because there's no such thing as leaf pick-ups or even trash pick-ups in most of Soldotna. #smalltownlife

Chopping and stacking wood is fun! More so with a log splitter. I think I've talked about it lots of times, but it happens a lot. Maybe this week I'll take a picture so you can see our district 
in action.

One of our converts of a little over a year got to go do baptisms at the temple for the first 
time on Saturday! The drive is about 3 hours, so it's not made too often. Even though she 
was surprised at some things, she definitely felt the Spirit and the feeling of peace that you 
always get from the temple. I was so excited for her, especially since I haven't been for... 
Five months now. Woo. (I thought I was going at transfer meeting, but then it was closed for cleaning. Sad face.)

We came up with the next big Mormon missionary hit song: "The Commandments are to 
Make People Happy!" It's a catchy ditty. Remind me to sing it at my homecoming talk.

Ronnie got confirmed on Sunday! That kid is just a dear. He is one of the sweetest kids I've ever known. His dad came, too, which was super awesome and somewhat unexpected.

We made some delicious halibut! Sister Galli has mad making-up-recipe skills, so we took 
some halibut from our freezer and made a cream cheese and basil and honey mustard plus other things I didn't catch spread. And baked it in the oven. It was delish with the naan some
one had given us.

People are fascinating. Zone Conference was fun. Ponderizing scripture of the week: 
Moroni 8:3. I'm trying to be mindful of everyone in my prayers. They get a little long, but 
thinking of other people all the time is what I'm trying to do, and it's going pretty well. So
know that I'm thinking about all of you and praying for you.

Sister Rollins
Sister Galli and Sister Rollins

We found a pretty sunset and cooked some fish! Too bad most of our
pictures only one of us is smiling...

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Oct 5, 2015
To be determined

GeNeRaL cOnFeReNcE holy smokes! Was amazing and edifying. Also, instead of the first 
session being at noon, the second one was at noon. But that's okay! Because then there 
was time on Sunday night for Ronnie's baptism. His whole family came (which was probablyaround 20 people) plus many members of our ward, which was so good. His dad, who
hasn't been attending church for several years, gave the baptism talk, and it was awesome. Not because he was eloquent or for anything in particular that he said, but because he just 
radiated happiness because his son was getting baptized. He still has a long way to come
back, but he's started.

Scripture I'm ponderizing this week: Jacob 2:8.

The trees have lost nigh unto half their leaves, and the first snow has yet to fall in Soldotna 
(although Homer, 90 miles south, and Cooper Landing, 30 miles north, both received their 
white blessings.)

Miracle of miracles, we actually tracted into someone who was interested! She has a good 
friend who's LDS, and they've had several in-depth conversations about religion. She was 
very friendly and invited us in (who does that? Only people who are prepared!) and we
had a really good question and answer session that was actually the Restoration lesson. So that was an amazing blessing. Also, since Sister Galli has mad people interaction skills, tha was super helpful.

We also helped out at the farm for the final week. All summer we've enjoyed the delightful 
farm folk and fresh vegetables, and it was sad to say goodbye! But it's a little chilly to be 
sticking your hands in a bucket of water, and the vegetables have barely been surviving the
frost, so the season is over and we now have open Wednesday mornings. 'll probably miss 
the rants about how awful Fish and Game is and how beavers are annoying. You win some,you lose some, you shoot some mose and life is good.

Wood stacking is fun. I am now entirely comfortable with a log splitter. Those things are awesome.  And loud.  Don't worry, I only lost hearing in one ear.

Sister Galli! My new companion is fabulous. It's really strange after being with Sister Price 
for four and a half months, but it's still good. She's from Salt Lake City and will be going 
home in three months! So she's excited to go back to BYU this winter semester.
The church is true, the book is blue! Remember that "Our purpose in this life is to have joy and prepare to return to Gods presence" (Preach my Gospel). Not our purposes, but just the one purpose. We have to have joy as we prepare to return to God's presence. That was
definitely a theme from conference - we're not here necessarily to receive all the blessings, but life on earth should be a time of joy! So keep on smiling :)

Much love,

Sister Rollins
Sister Rollins and Sister Galli in front of the Anchorage Temple
It's snowing and Sister Rollins is the only one that is excited.

This is me and Ronnie and Sister Galli! Like literally 50 people came
to his baptism. It was awesome. And crazy.