Monday, October 12, 2015

Oct 12, 2015
Comforters and muddy roads

Rain! Rain. Rain. No snow. Raaaaain. Oh hey rain.

The clouds make it just barely not snowable.

This week was great! Sister Galli and I have finally gotten into the swing of things. She now gets my jokes when no one else does, and we've mastered communicating without anyone else noticing.

Raking leaves and chopping wood happens often. A lot of people here don't rake their 
leaves, though - they just mow over them and grind them up. It works pretty good, especially because there's no such thing as leaf pick-ups or even trash pick-ups in most of Soldotna. #smalltownlife

Chopping and stacking wood is fun! More so with a log splitter. I think I've talked about it lots of times, but it happens a lot. Maybe this week I'll take a picture so you can see our district 
in action.

One of our converts of a little over a year got to go do baptisms at the temple for the first 
time on Saturday! The drive is about 3 hours, so it's not made too often. Even though she 
was surprised at some things, she definitely felt the Spirit and the feeling of peace that you 
always get from the temple. I was so excited for her, especially since I haven't been for... 
Five months now. Woo. (I thought I was going at transfer meeting, but then it was closed for cleaning. Sad face.)

We came up with the next big Mormon missionary hit song: "The Commandments are to 
Make People Happy!" It's a catchy ditty. Remind me to sing it at my homecoming talk.

Ronnie got confirmed on Sunday! That kid is just a dear. He is one of the sweetest kids I've ever known. His dad came, too, which was super awesome and somewhat unexpected.

We made some delicious halibut! Sister Galli has mad making-up-recipe skills, so we took 
some halibut from our freezer and made a cream cheese and basil and honey mustard plus other things I didn't catch spread. And baked it in the oven. It was delish with the naan some
one had given us.

People are fascinating. Zone Conference was fun. Ponderizing scripture of the week: 
Moroni 8:3. I'm trying to be mindful of everyone in my prayers. They get a little long, but 
thinking of other people all the time is what I'm trying to do, and it's going pretty well. So
know that I'm thinking about all of you and praying for you.

Sister Rollins
Sister Galli and Sister Rollins

We found a pretty sunset and cooked some fish! Too bad most of our
pictures only one of us is smiling...

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