Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Aug 29, 2016
Llamas with shirts

It's starting to cool off, we should get our first frost this week.

We had meetings. Felt the Spirit.

We taught lessons. Felt the Spirit.

We prayed a lot. It made us happier and more optimistic. Felt the Spirit.

Saw a round carrot.

Lots of veggies.

Keep on keepin' on.

Love you! Say twice as many prayers this week, it'll be awesome.

Sister Christine Rollins

Llamas with shirts

We found a plane with Alaska on it last preparation day.  Cool.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Aug 23, 2016
Combat gardening against 101,000,000 mosquitos

My record number of mosquito bites in two minutes I think currently sits at 
8. We'll see if I can improve this week. I've been trying to track how many I 
can kill in a certain period of time, but half the time I squish them and then 
they don't actually die because they turn in mosquito zombies. Such is 
Alaskan life.
I found Dana this week! Who is Dana, you may ask? Well, when Sister
Rollins was way back in Fairbanks in March, she met Dana while
volunteering at the Foodbank. She asked Dana if she wanted to meet
with missionaries, and Dana said yes, but she lived in North Pole.  Sister 
Rollins unfortunately failed to get any contact information from her and 
things happened in such a way that she didn't think she would ever see 
Dana again. Fast forward to July, and Sister Rollins happens to see Dana 
in the Foodbank parking lot! So she asks her for contact information and 
only gets a street name. And of course, this isn't a short street... But it's 

So Sister Rollins, on exchanges with Sister Oliver, determines that she's 
going to find Dana. They drive down the street... And pick out two houses 
and their first two candidates. Walk up the driveway, ring the doorbell, and 
who would answer? Dana of course! Obviously. If this is the Lord's work
and Sister Rollins is supposed to find Dana, she'll find Dana. So she did. 
Now Dana has a Book of Mormon and an appointment with the 
missionaries this week. Good stuff.

Read your scriptures, don't do drugs, and don't dye your clothes or your 
bathtub yellow.

Love you all!

Sister Christine Rollins

Me and Sister Oliver after our exchange.

Sister Johnson and I also got a pumpkin from Tricia's garden. 

I helped plant the cabbages in June and now we're harvesting before
the moose get them! This is me and Tricia, she's awesome.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Aug 15, 2016

One of the best decisions of my life: buying four boxes instead of one

It's been a fabulous week!

Coolest miracle was when Daniel committed to live the Word of Wisdom
now and try to prepare for baptism by September 3rd. When the Spirit
convicts you in your heart... You can't deny it! It's gonna happen.
The coolest part about it is the support of the members that they're
giving him! They're super awesome in helping him. That is key with
anyone trying to change their lives!

Another cool miracle came when we met Aubrey, who just let us into her
house. (This has never really happened to me on my mission, people
just letting us into their houses when we knock. Except for in the
past like two weeks.) She's super cute and wants to keep meeting with
us, which is a #miracle #hallelujah.

Alaska's doing great. Sister Johnson is doing great, we're preaching
the good word. We helped out at the Tenana Fair, it was small and very
Alaskan but fun. We told people about family history and helped them
sign up for family search accounts.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Aug 8, 2016
When you eat without elbows

Once upon a time in the far away land of North Pole, Sister Johnson completed week 2! It was 
a good ole time.

Cool miracles! I went and knocked on a door, someone let us in! (Side note: that's actually 
slightly terrifying. Don't go into stranger's houses if you're not protected by the Lord.) The 
owner of the house asked if Cynthia had sent us (who's Cynthia? No idea) but she wanted a
Book of Mormon and Cynthia had invited her to church. We had a good discussion and we're 
going back Tuesday. Mary Ann's her name.

I gave a training about turning outward. We told the elders that had to eat the cereal as fast as 
they could, but they couldn't bend their elbows. So they got to feed each other! Watch for Elder 
Wilson in the background feeding himself - he didn't actually get any cereal to eat, although 
there was plenty on the floor! Moral of the story? Go feed other people, because then we're all 
happier and more filled. Video included for entertainment purposes.

People are quitters (of smoking), comers (to church), and moving forward.  Remember President Monson in your prayers this week!
Sister Rollins
Oh, and when you fly from Anchorage to Fairbanks at night then you can watch the sunrise at 11:30 and it looks like this  :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Aug 1, 2016
When your companion gets hit in the face by a door whilst tracting... You keep going

Wow! It's been a crazy good week :) I'll attempt to catch the highlights.

So my new companion is Sister Johnson! She hails from near Modesto, California (Waterford 
if you want to get technical or actually know anything about California.) She's brand new in the
 mission field, but you can hardly even tell! She already teaches like a boss and even 
committed someone we're teaching to baptism on October 1st. It was definitely a lesson 
planned and taught by the Spirit, which was awesome. Daniel is super excited to prepare for 
that day! He has been reading the Book of Mormon every day like a champ and can't wait to
continue to progress! Apologies for the excessive exclamation marks, but it's exciting!

It won't stop raining up here... We were walking down the street yesterday and got to a puddle 
we had to walk through. Sister Johnson's starting to learn real fast a lot about the fun side of 
missionary work, wet shoes and all :)

Sister Johnson also has acquired her Alaskan cold... It's been a good week for her :) luckily I've 
avoided it.

I'm doing quite well, but the good thing is it's not about me! It's all about service, and as we 
remember Mosiah 2:17 we can all glorify Jesus and be happy :) in all seriousness, though, I've 
never been happier than these past few weeks just devoting myself to helping others come unto 
Christ. I'm going to use my last four months of this the best I can! Love you all!

Sister Rollins

 Sister Johnson and I outside the temple!  We're super in sync and both wore purple cardigans the first day
I got to go to the temple with these wonderful sisters who are now home...Shout out to Kaeli and Michelle  :)
July 25, 2016
Crazy Week

Sorry, no time to write this week!

North Pole is going crazy with work, four investigators at church
yesterday :) and lots of lessons!

Transfers this week, I'm still in North Pole but training a new
missionary! So exciting :)

Love you!
Sister Rollins

It's a hog!  Gabriel just has his pet chillin in his living room.  He calls Leonard his hog.