Monday, September 26, 2016

Sept 26, 2016

We're in a cloud!

Steamers. New age stuff. Super delicious.

Karla came to church! And she really enjoyed it.

OH, the women's broadcast on Saturday! Totally was amazing and I loved it.

Life as a missionary continues on, talking to people, teaching people, bringing them closer to Christ. I really don't have anything to say.

Alma 34:38 says "contend no more against the Holy Ghost." I've been thinking a lot about fighting the Holy Ghost and not just letting it guide you. Don't fight, it doesn't make you happy.

I went on exchanges back to 2nd Ward, which was actually really really cool. I got to have dinner with a family and in the course of our conversation I answered a question she had had for awhile, which is cool. 

Also, people are hilarious.

Funny things happen.

Love you all!

Sister Rollins
Sister Johnson had her first steamer from Starbucks

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sept 19, 2016
Sister Hipster

Well, lookee here! I'm actually going to write more than a few sentences about my week. It's been a very exciting one, so I'll let y'all into the exciting life of Sister Rollins and Sister Johnson.

Firstly, we continue to reside in the North Pole. So yes, it's already in the 40s most days, which is pleasantly cool. I'm working on getting poor Sister Johnson a coat, and then someone randomly gave me a coat, so we're ready for fall and winter! 
Ready for Winter!
Secondly, we had zone conference this week! Which was basically an amazingly spiritual experience. The Spirit rebuked me and then was like "it's okay, you've got two months left! NOW GET TO WORK! Here's some energy, use it wisely!" So since Tuesday I've been pleading with the Lord every night and every morning to continue to have the energy and the desire to continue to be extremely motivated. It's amazing what happens when, as one elder described, "You get on your knees before your Maker and you say "Lord, I can't do this on my own. I have no idea how this is possible, and I need your help. Please, I beg of you, help me." And then you get up and [get to work!]" Plead, go to work, account, plead, go to work, account, rinse and repeat. Repentance, people. It changes your life.

I'm choppin' wood!
No really, don't mess with me
Thirdly, all sorts of wood projects! Sister Johnson has now chopped and stacked 2 cords of wood for a wood stove and split kindling. We even did it in our skirts when an unexpected opportunity arose. Gotta get ready for winter, it's gettin' chilly! 

Fourthly, we had a missionary activity! Inspired by food, which is one of our favorite things, Sister Johnson and I termed it "The Sundae is a Delight." Which we thought was original until someone found it on Pinterest, but hey, we can't use Pinterest so we came up with it on our own. That's okay. Basically, we compared an ice cream sundae to Sunday! And General Conference. You need a bowl of preparation, the ice cream itself of General Conference/going to church, the chocolate syrup of taking notes, the sticky caramel of making it stick by talking about it afterwards, the nuts of bingo, the whipped cream deliciousness of the music, and the maraschino cherry on top of cherrying the Gospel (cue groan over the bad pun.) It was fabulous, and we took a picture of all of the pictures drawn by our little group. I didn't draw one, but Sister Johnson drew the chalk one on the board.

These Sundaes might not be a delight, but the real ones were
Fifthly, chicken crap smells really bad. But roast tastes really good, so I'll clean out your chicken coop! It really didn't bother me or Sister Johnson, but we brought a few elders to help and one of them stuck gum up his nose because he couldn't stand the smell. That was hilarious.

Sixthly, I'm lovin' it. :) 

Quote of the week: "You're only as joyful as you are grateful. You're only as happy as you  are obedient. You're only as spiritual as you are humble." -Shane Duval, stake president of the Fairbanks Alaska Stake

I love you guys! Thanks for the much love and support that I feel.  :)

Sister Christine Rollins

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Does Safety sell Big Eyes?

We attended a baby shower, and it reminded me why I don't like parties. I still can't small talk, 
but someday I'll learn how to be cutesy and arrange a tablecloth. Did I mention when we had a 
little booth and they tried to make me set it up? And then it looked bad so the elders fixed it. 
Good. Anyway, we met someone who wants to learn more about the Gospel there! Sylvia wants 
to find a good church to take her boys to.

It's actually getting dark. It confuses me.

Lots of service planned for this week! Feel free to send me advice about cleaning out chicken 


Sister Rollins

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Sept 5, 2016
Shorter and shorter

So... I flew down to Anchorage this week. I met Williard, who offered to take me snowboarding 
but I politely declined. I offered him a Book of Mormon, but he politely declined. We had a 
good talk about missionary work, though. He was a missionary in China (shh, don't tell

We dressed people up as hobos and talked about loving even the hobos. We also bore 
testimony that the Book of Mormon really can change your life. Get together with some people 
this week and talk about it, because, people, IT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

I feel like I can't tell people enough about these life-changing things.

Sister Johnson and I have had a blast in the rain killing mosquitos.

Alaska is awesome, it's definitely fall and the leaves are falling off the trees. Apparently there 
was an awesome northern lights show we missed, but I'm not worried, we'll see them soon!

With much charity for the human beings on this earth,

Sister Rollins