Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Sept 5, 2016
Shorter and shorter

So... I flew down to Anchorage this week. I met Williard, who offered to take me snowboarding 
but I politely declined. I offered him a Book of Mormon, but he politely declined. We had a 
good talk about missionary work, though. He was a missionary in China (shh, don't tell

We dressed people up as hobos and talked about loving even the hobos. We also bore 
testimony that the Book of Mormon really can change your life. Get together with some people 
this week and talk about it, because, people, IT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

I feel like I can't tell people enough about these life-changing things.

Sister Johnson and I have had a blast in the rain killing mosquitos.

Alaska is awesome, it's definitely fall and the leaves are falling off the trees. Apparently there 
was an awesome northern lights show we missed, but I'm not worried, we'll see them soon!

With much charity for the human beings on this earth,

Sister Rollins

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