Friday, October 28, 2016

Oct 24, 2016

The weather app thinks it's warm.

It finally snowed! It's been cold enough for a few weeks, but the clouds have been picketing North Pole. Rude.

Things are progressing as normal. People cancel, you show up and people are excited to see you, people commit and don't do things, people won't commit but do them. Such is the missionary life. Patience and consistency are everyone's friends. 

We were out knocking doors the other day and a dog almost attacked us. Gotta love huskies, they'll get you good. We just kept walking and it eventually left us alone.

Moose count: +3! I have a paper somewhere I need to find. These were the first live ones I've seen since I got to the Fairbanks area.

If you think you should do something, do it. Moroni 7:16-17 teaches us that which is good is of God. Do good things. Even if other people might think you're weird. This week I left a lot of cookies on people's doorsteps, and they thought I was weird. At least I'm not as weird as frozen cookies... whoops!

Lots of love and charity from the coldest place in Alaska*,

Sister Rollins

Pictures below: SNOW! :D and then usually the day after snow as the skies clear the temperatures drop, and we got a picture of the negatives :) winter is almost here!

*without taking wind chill into account. Barrow's got us beat with their awful wind.

usually the day after snow as the skies clear the temperatures drop, and we got a picture of the negatives :) winter is almost here!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Oct 17, 2016
Hedgehog day is heavy core

Well hello! Another week, come and gone.

Exciting events!

Karla, who we've been teaching since June, has decided to get baptized November 5th! We're hoping her daughter Linda will join her soon. She also was able to receive a blessing for sickness, which was an amazing spiritual experience. God's power is real, guys. For real.

We saw the northern lights like CRAZY (think green and pink!) our pictures still look black, but that's okay because they're gorgeous.

I went on exchanges to Fairbanks with Sister Oliver! She is a fabulous missionary.

We stacked wood and more wood. Our district is now a well-oiled machine at stacking wood.

Sister Johnson and I are staying together for my last transfer in North Pole! It's a great thing, we're excited to finish this thing out together.

Have a great week! Remember the good things the Lord has done for you. Helaman 5:9.

Sister Rollins

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Oct 10, 2016
Searching Church Couch Cushions Yields Laffy Taffy Wrappers

Dear Friends and Family,

Hello! I'm still alive.

The adventures of Sister Rollins continue!

This week I enjoyed a flight down to Anchorage and met some neat characters. I go to sit down and am settling in to the lovely little planes we always go in (propellers! Think like 22 rows of 4 that are usually not all filled) and a nice man sits down next to me. I compliment his green drink (some sort of tea/coffee mix? It sounded gross but I was nice about it) and he smiles and settles in himself. We start talking, and it turns out he's a minister traveling to Palmer to go spread the word of God there! Man, I just have great luck, always sitting next to missionaries of other faiths. So we talked about the Bible and when he was saved (he was only 5!) and how Jesus is important and why the Book of Mormon is or isn't the word of God. Elder Davis and Elder Younger sat next to... no one. Classic.

Then once we arrived, we were waiting for the Juneau elders to arrive as well and we're all having a jovial time seeing each other and a lady off to the side looks like she wants to talk to us, so I go over and ask if she needs anything. Well, she needed a phone to call her husband... so we helped her out and then as she waited she told me her story. She dat
The Northern Lights...yup, we saw them.
This is a picture one of the investigators from
Fairbanks 2nd ward took.
ed a kid in high school who was a Mormon, but he wanted eight kids so she broke up with him and moved to a different high school where she met her husband. The other kid she dated went on a mission, though, and so now she likes all missionaries. To quote Laurel Galli, "lil saweetie!"
We've apparently (unbeknownst to me) become the Powderpuff girls

Dressed up as twins for creative
We talked to other people, but still none interested in learning more about Christ. That was one thing from Dallin H Oaks' talk I loved - "As we speak to others, we need to remember that an invitation to learn more about Jesus Christ and His gospel is preferable to an invitation to learn more about our Church. We want people to be converted to the gospel. That is the great role of the Book of Mormon. Feelings about our Church follow conversion to Jesus Christ; they do not precede it. Many who are suspicious of churches nevertheless have a love for the Savior. Put first things first." Oftentimes we worry about what to say as missionaries to people, but when you are simply expressing your love for the Savior and telling them what you know makes you happy, it becomes easier. 

Oh, and then we had our ward's Fall Festival/Halloween Party on Saturday! Sister Johnson and I dressed up as twins, see above.

Love and charity, have a wonderful week!

Gotta love my sisters in Zion...
Because Fairbanks = Zion
Sister Rollins

Tuesday, October 4, 2016