Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28, 2016

Two baptisms!
Wow, what a week! Easter truly is a great day. I've loved diving into the New Testament this 
week and reading about what the Savior experienced for us, particularly betrayal. That's a 
hard one.

Our stake had an Honoring Christ display at the church all weekend - a small art gallery and 
then several music performances all about Christ. I got to play the organ as background music 
for some of it...Haven't done that in a while. It was nice just to play for an hour or two.
Easter Eve was also a great day for us this year! Amber (pictured below) was able to get 
baptized! It has been such a blessing to be able to be part of her conversion experience. She's 
seriously a boss with all of the obstacles she's had to overcome to get to this point.  And of 
course Saturday afternoon she texts us and tells us she's been sick in bed all day... But she's a 
champ and came anyway! There were probably 50 people there to support her, which was 
awesome. Just the love and support from everyone there made for an awesome experience...
And the water wasn't cold, thanks to our hauling water!  #gottalovealaska

We only were able to somewhat hear the Women's Broadcast while we were filling the font... 
From what we heard, it was all about service - serving everyday, not just in service projects. I 
loved how they kept talking about reaching out to refugees - although there aren't many (or any?)
Not really sure... If someone wants to look that up for me :) in Fairbanks, Alaska, there are 
certainly many all over the world that need our love. And that's definitely something I want to get 
more involved in back at home!

How are you accountable for your time?

Love you all! Fairbanks is still getting snow... More flurries this morning. But it's hot now all the
time, like 40s most days.

Sister Rollins 
Sister Christian, me, Amber and Dean!  And Jesus of course.

This is how you fill the font in Alaska if you want warm water...

PS for those of you who may have read the subject line: the second baptism was of our 
phone.  But don't worry, it still works.  Mostly.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Mar 21, 2016
Sister Strong, Sister Strong, her prayers are very long...

It snowed again!! Glorious. I seriously love it, even though everyone else here seems to be 
done with winter.

Oh, we got our transfer calls, and Sister Christian and I are staying together for another 
glorious transfer! We are super psyched.

We did lots of service this week! We went to the Foodbank and helped out, and we went to the
World Ice Art Championships 2016 and took tickets from people from around the world! It was 
a blast. Also, we had a heater in our ticket booth so we didn't freeze. I took some pictures (the 
igloo is the least impressive thing in the whole park) but if you look it up online it will be three 
times as cool. For those of you on missions, just think there was literally a staircase with
Cinderella running down it carved out of ice. Life size. There was someone who got married 
there. Gotta love Alaska.

Amber is doing super well! She is set to get baptized next Saturday. She came to a baptism this 
past Saturday, and it was an awesome experience for everybody there. We taught her and Sid, 
who's getting baptized April 9th, both a lot this week since it was Spring Break.  It's so weird to 
teach people my own age who are in my same situation... But it's really neat at the same time to 
be able to connect with them and not feel too supremely awkward, since most of them are more 
awkward than I am :)

Pros of going to two wards every Sunday: you get to hear lots of talks. We had a wonderful high 
councilman speak this past Sunday in the YSA branch all about the Atonement. He challenged 
us to read 2 Nephi 9 every day for a month to increase our understanding and appreciation of the 
Atonement, so I'm taking him up on that! I love that because of my Savior, I can have new life. 
And so can you, and so can all the people whom you love that might not even be on this earth
anymore. So go claim it.

Sister Rollins
The four sisters of our apartment on our last Sabbath together

We actually do live in igloos here.  This is my home.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

March 14, 2016

Oh, we went to North Pole last week! Here's our little district at the
North Pole. It was chilly, but we don't wear coats in Alaska.

Okay, first things first: Jesus is the realist. Go watch the hottest new video: #hallelujah at Go do it.

Did you do it yet?


Okay, now that you've experienced that beauty and serious part of Easter, which is far more 
important than anything I might say, I will send you entertaining things.

Sister Christian and I are going to start a new line of scents: 
Word of God: it smells like gold plates/papyrus scrolls 
Baby in a Manger: special edition with a faint smell of shepherd!
Walking the Roads of Palestine: comes with extra dust to put on your feet
The Tomb: the spices they used were actually Old Spice... Shh
Resurrected Being: you can only imagine.

Okay, back to serious: wow, I've never had so many teaching appointments in my whole
mission! This week has been insanely and awesomely busy. I'M SO EXCITED FOR EASTER!

Also, it's somewhat hilarious that the whole town of Fairbanks is on Spring Break this coming 
week! Expect no super crazy stories from me.

It snowed finally! Although there's a good couple feet on the ground, it hasn't snowed in the 
six weeks I've been here. But yesterday during church we look out the window, and what do 
we see? SNOW! I am one of the few people residing in Alaska who get super excited.
People are so cool! We're teaching a few people who have a date for baptism. Probably the  
coolest is... Okay, they're all awesome. One really cool one is Sid, a student at UAF. He 
decided he wanted to be Mormon one day... And came to church and quit lots of bad things! 
By himself! We asked him if he was reading the Book of Mormon, and he said he *only* read 
it a half hour a day. You go, Glen Coco. He's doing really well, but Spring Break is usually a 
bad time... But that's okay, he's got God on his side.

Monday, March 7, 2016

March 7, 2016
Running in the cold means you don't get sweaty

Pros of running in the negatives: you don't get hot and sweaty.
Cons of running in the negatives: you get ice on your face and can't feel your fingers.

The work is fabulous! People are coming to church and preparing themselves for baptism. 
The commandments make people better people, that's why God gives them to us. Guys 
sing us love songs and then we teach them about the Gospel and tell them to date girls from the YSA branch. If I dream about the apocalypse, I'm now safe in those dreams because I have lots of friends in the army to save me.

There was a kid in church on Sunday who bore his testimony and shared the really cool 
story of how he got to church that day: his friend on a mission messaged him on Facebook and rebuked him for not going to church. He responded that he had just moved to Fairbanks and too bad, there's no Mormons up here... But she left him with 1 Nephi 3:7 - the Lord will provide a way. So he agrees that if there's a way, he'll get there. Lo and behold, the next 
day someone randomly walks into his barracks room and mentions something about 
Mormons and the YSA branch, so he asks more questions and ends up getting a ride to 
church! He's got a lot to work on, but he also has a lot of faith and is definitely being led by God.

Repent! Everybody needs to repent. And don't worry, that just means to change to become 
like God. This work I'm working on repenting of pride.  Do it.

Sister Rollins

All the missionaries in the Fairbanks zone, so basically the northern half of Alaska