Wednesday, March 16, 2016

March 14, 2016

Oh, we went to North Pole last week! Here's our little district at the
North Pole. It was chilly, but we don't wear coats in Alaska.

Okay, first things first: Jesus is the realist. Go watch the hottest new video: #hallelujah at Go do it.

Did you do it yet?


Okay, now that you've experienced that beauty and serious part of Easter, which is far more 
important than anything I might say, I will send you entertaining things.

Sister Christian and I are going to start a new line of scents: 
Word of God: it smells like gold plates/papyrus scrolls 
Baby in a Manger: special edition with a faint smell of shepherd!
Walking the Roads of Palestine: comes with extra dust to put on your feet
The Tomb: the spices they used were actually Old Spice... Shh
Resurrected Being: you can only imagine.

Okay, back to serious: wow, I've never had so many teaching appointments in my whole
mission! This week has been insanely and awesomely busy. I'M SO EXCITED FOR EASTER!

Also, it's somewhat hilarious that the whole town of Fairbanks is on Spring Break this coming 
week! Expect no super crazy stories from me.

It snowed finally! Although there's a good couple feet on the ground, it hasn't snowed in the 
six weeks I've been here. But yesterday during church we look out the window, and what do 
we see? SNOW! I am one of the few people residing in Alaska who get super excited.
People are so cool! We're teaching a few people who have a date for baptism. Probably the  
coolest is... Okay, they're all awesome. One really cool one is Sid, a student at UAF. He 
decided he wanted to be Mormon one day... And came to church and quit lots of bad things! 
By himself! We asked him if he was reading the Book of Mormon, and he said he *only* read 
it a half hour a day. You go, Glen Coco. He's doing really well, but Spring Break is usually a 
bad time... But that's okay, he's got God on his side.

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