Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Mar 21, 2016
Sister Strong, Sister Strong, her prayers are very long...

It snowed again!! Glorious. I seriously love it, even though everyone else here seems to be 
done with winter.

Oh, we got our transfer calls, and Sister Christian and I are staying together for another 
glorious transfer! We are super psyched.

We did lots of service this week! We went to the Foodbank and helped out, and we went to the
World Ice Art Championships 2016 and took tickets from people from around the world! It was 
a blast. Also, we had a heater in our ticket booth so we didn't freeze. I took some pictures (the 
igloo is the least impressive thing in the whole park) but if you look it up online it will be three 
times as cool. For those of you on missions, just think there was literally a staircase with
Cinderella running down it carved out of ice. Life size. There was someone who got married 
there. Gotta love Alaska.

Amber is doing super well! She is set to get baptized next Saturday. She came to a baptism this 
past Saturday, and it was an awesome experience for everybody there. We taught her and Sid, 
who's getting baptized April 9th, both a lot this week since it was Spring Break.  It's so weird to 
teach people my own age who are in my same situation... But it's really neat at the same time to 
be able to connect with them and not feel too supremely awkward, since most of them are more 
awkward than I am :)

Pros of going to two wards every Sunday: you get to hear lots of talks. We had a wonderful high 
councilman speak this past Sunday in the YSA branch all about the Atonement. He challenged 
us to read 2 Nephi 9 every day for a month to increase our understanding and appreciation of the 
Atonement, so I'm taking him up on that! I love that because of my Savior, I can have new life. 
And so can you, and so can all the people whom you love that might not even be on this earth
anymore. So go claim it.

Sister Rollins
The four sisters of our apartment on our last Sabbath together

We actually do live in igloos here.  This is my home.

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