Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Aug 8, 2016
When you eat without elbows

Once upon a time in the far away land of North Pole, Sister Johnson completed week 2! It was 
a good ole time.

Cool miracles! I went and knocked on a door, someone let us in! (Side note: that's actually 
slightly terrifying. Don't go into stranger's houses if you're not protected by the Lord.) The 
owner of the house asked if Cynthia had sent us (who's Cynthia? No idea) but she wanted a
Book of Mormon and Cynthia had invited her to church. We had a good discussion and we're 
going back Tuesday. Mary Ann's her name.

I gave a training about turning outward. We told the elders that had to eat the cereal as fast as 
they could, but they couldn't bend their elbows. So they got to feed each other! Watch for Elder 
Wilson in the background feeding himself - he didn't actually get any cereal to eat, although 
there was plenty on the floor! Moral of the story? Go feed other people, because then we're all 
happier and more filled. Video included for entertainment purposes.

People are quitters (of smoking), comers (to church), and moving forward.  Remember President Monson in your prayers this week!
Sister Rollins
Oh, and when you fly from Anchorage to Fairbanks at night then you can watch the sunrise at 11:30 and it looks like this  :)

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