Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Aug 15, 2016

One of the best decisions of my life: buying four boxes instead of one

It's been a fabulous week!

Coolest miracle was when Daniel committed to live the Word of Wisdom
now and try to prepare for baptism by September 3rd. When the Spirit
convicts you in your heart... You can't deny it! It's gonna happen.
The coolest part about it is the support of the members that they're
giving him! They're super awesome in helping him. That is key with
anyone trying to change their lives!

Another cool miracle came when we met Aubrey, who just let us into her
house. (This has never really happened to me on my mission, people
just letting us into their houses when we knock. Except for in the
past like two weeks.) She's super cute and wants to keep meeting with
us, which is a #miracle #hallelujah.

Alaska's doing great. Sister Johnson is doing great, we're preaching
the good word. We helped out at the Tenana Fair, it was small and very
Alaskan but fun. We told people about family history and helped them
sign up for family search accounts.

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