Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Oct 19, 2015

Ditch diving


Pro tip: don't drive into a ditch. If you pray hard enough, you might be able to get out of it (Sister Rollins: 1, Ditch: 0) but then you might lock the keys in the car (Sister Rollins: 1, 
Ditch: 1). We'll see if I can win next week. Did I mention that this Jeep we drive is still 

People are doing pretty well. Sister Galli got to experience Funny River for the first time! 
It's... Tiny, and odd. Classic Alaska, with dirt roads and people talking about driving into 
town and lots of old homesteaders. They're probably the cutest people ever.

We are working with a lot of people who I met at the beginning of my time here and either 
were busy during the summer or we just lost contact with and now they're interested again. 
It's weird having the same teaching pool as I did five months ago... And thinking that it's
been five months! But good. I love it. There's lots of cute old ladies.

Our spiritual message that we've been sharing with people at dinner has been going really well. First, we pull out a bucket of jelly beans. Then, without telling them what it is, we go 
down the list from chapter 4 of Preach my Gospel and tell everyone to take a jelly bean
for every experience that they've had. Then, if they want to, they can share some of those 
experiences. It's been really cool to hear people's experiences, and they catch on to the 
theme pretty quickly, but some of them surprise you... The point of the jelly beans is that
we often limit our spiritual experiences to church and maybe reading the scriptures, but in 
reality, just as there are many flavors of jelly beans that are all sweet, so too are our spiritualexperiences different but still sweet. It's been really cool to be able to feel the spirit that is 
brought from sharing experiences as well. Hey, here's my commitment to all of you: go over that list and share one of those experiences with someone. It could be me, or it could be 
your mom, or anyone else. But do it.

I love you all! I see moose and miracles on the daily, and miracles probably more often. But they're both real and awesome.


Sister Rollins

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