Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Oct 5, 2015
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GeNeRaL cOnFeReNcE holy smokes! Was amazing and edifying. Also, instead of the first 
session being at noon, the second one was at noon. But that's okay! Because then there 
was time on Sunday night for Ronnie's baptism. His whole family came (which was probablyaround 20 people) plus many members of our ward, which was so good. His dad, who
hasn't been attending church for several years, gave the baptism talk, and it was awesome. Not because he was eloquent or for anything in particular that he said, but because he just 
radiated happiness because his son was getting baptized. He still has a long way to come
back, but he's started.

Scripture I'm ponderizing this week: Jacob 2:8.

The trees have lost nigh unto half their leaves, and the first snow has yet to fall in Soldotna 
(although Homer, 90 miles south, and Cooper Landing, 30 miles north, both received their 
white blessings.)

Miracle of miracles, we actually tracted into someone who was interested! She has a good 
friend who's LDS, and they've had several in-depth conversations about religion. She was 
very friendly and invited us in (who does that? Only people who are prepared!) and we
had a really good question and answer session that was actually the Restoration lesson. So that was an amazing blessing. Also, since Sister Galli has mad people interaction skills, tha was super helpful.

We also helped out at the farm for the final week. All summer we've enjoyed the delightful 
farm folk and fresh vegetables, and it was sad to say goodbye! But it's a little chilly to be 
sticking your hands in a bucket of water, and the vegetables have barely been surviving the
frost, so the season is over and we now have open Wednesday mornings. 'll probably miss 
the rants about how awful Fish and Game is and how beavers are annoying. You win some,you lose some, you shoot some mose and life is good.

Wood stacking is fun. I am now entirely comfortable with a log splitter. Those things are awesome.  And loud.  Don't worry, I only lost hearing in one ear.

Sister Galli! My new companion is fabulous. It's really strange after being with Sister Price 
for four and a half months, but it's still good. She's from Salt Lake City and will be going 
home in three months! So she's excited to go back to BYU this winter semester.
The church is true, the book is blue! Remember that "Our purpose in this life is to have joy and prepare to return to Gods presence" (Preach my Gospel). Not our purposes, but just the one purpose. We have to have joy as we prepare to return to God's presence. That was
definitely a theme from conference - we're not here necessarily to receive all the blessings, but life on earth should be a time of joy! So keep on smiling :)

Much love,

Sister Rollins
Sister Rollins and Sister Galli in front of the Anchorage Temple
It's snowing and Sister Rollins is the only one that is excited.

This is me and Ronnie and Sister Galli! Like literally 50 people came
to his baptism. It was awesome. And crazy.

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