Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sept 28, 2015
Big girls don't cry, so I suppose I'm big
Sister Rollins, Marie and Evie, and Sister Price (Marie and Evie are two of our favorite old people  :)  The assisted living center Evie lives in is the one I want to live in someday, for future reference.  It's super awesome.

The Soldotna district at Exit Glacier in Seward!  Fun times
Hello hello from Soldotna, 
Alaska! Still my home for yet another six weeks, which will put me at six months here! Crazy 
to think that I'll have been here this long. Unfortunately, Sister Price is leaving,though... And 
my new companion will be 
Sister Galli! She's from Salt
Lake and went to BYU as a 
freshman year the same year I did. I've been on exchanges 
with her once, so I already 
know her a little, and I'm 
excited! She'll probably end hermission here, since she has buttwo transfers left.

It hasn't snowed here yet... 
Fairbanks already has several inches, but it's supposed to snow tonight here. It's been chillyin the mornings, not so bad in the daytime... But it's not cold yet. Because 30 isn't cold, it's 
just cool.
Since Sister Price is leaving here after being here for six months, we've had a lot of 
goodbye lessons, which is somewhat sad. Lots of people are giving her little departing gifts, and then they feel bad not giving me one... So they give me stuff too :) I now own some 
Russian-made pashanka (I have no idea how that is supposed to be spelled, my apologies) dolls, which are cute and adorable.
Thank you for all of the letters and little things people send me! I really appreciate them, 
even if I don't get back to you right away - our preparation days are quite busy.

A moose hit a member in our ward's car this week! He bounced off the windshield and over 
the car. Their windshield thankfully didn't shatter, but it had approximately 10,563 cracks in 
it and is now missing a side mirror. Kids, if you're going to hit a moose, hit a baby one... 
Otherwise your car will not survive.

Tracting in the rain is hardly effective, but sometimes necessary. I almost lost a shoe to the mud, but I was able to save it from a cold and dreary death.

I'm excited to finally be able to go to the temple again - I haven't been able to go since I've 
arrived. Missionaries in Alaska get to go once a transfer if they're within an hour or two of 
Anchorage, and Soldotna's a little far... But since we're going to transfer meeting, we'll get to go! Since we've been teaching Vaughn and Samantha a lot about the temple and the 
blessings we receive from going there, it will be nice to actually get to go.

I was able to reach my goal of reading all of Preach my Gospel this transfer! The 
instructions in that manual are truly inspired. Probably my favorite chapter was the fourth 
one - "How do I recognize and understand the Spirit?" I've definitely grown to better 
understand how the Holy Ghost is present in my life - when you can literally do anything thatpops into your head because you have time and a companion to help you, you realize that 
so many things that pop into your head are actually useful, valuable things to other people. So go do some of those things this week.

I love you all! We'll be very busy this week, what with Sister Galli meeting everyone and 
Ronnie's baptism on Sunday to prepare for! General Conference is also something to be 
excited about - I loved the General Women's Broadcast this past Saturday! It's a bit odd to 
think the second session will be at noon instead of the first, but hopefully I'll survive :)


Sister Rollins

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