Monday, May 9, 2016

May 9, 2016
Miracles and a guitar

Me and Kathryn, the dearest gem from New Zealand we could find. She'll
get baptized one day...

Sisters Rose and McGraw arrived safely in Fairbanks! And they got a
picture by the "Welcome to Fairbanks" door in our apartment.

Awesome people pictured above: Gram, Andrena, Sister Christian and me.
Andrena recently obtained a motorcycle and is planning on welding
Gram's wheelchair on the side to create a sidecar for enjoyment for
all. Also Billy the dog will get to ride in his doggy backpack.
So what do you get when you put Sister McGraw and Sister Rollins back together? 
MIRACLES, that's what. For days.

Sister Christian said goodbye to everyone, it was sad. But again, people didn't cancel because 
they couldn't reschedule, so that worked out great. It's funny how when you have a real 
deadline people actually do things. So create deadlines for yourselves, people. Hey, that kind 
of sounds like setting goals... :) also a useful thing.

One cool miracle happened on Saturday! Our ward mission leader told us to go follow up with 
a Book of Mormon that had been given up, so we go for a visit and no one was home. Well, 
let's try their neighbors!  Unfortunately, we quickly discovered the elders had tracted that
street the week before. So... Let's start walking. We haven't walked too far before someone 
from the stake presidency pulls up beside us in his truck. He points to a house, tells us 
Michelle lives there and we need to go visit her right now. So we did! And she's home and
available and wants us to come back. So that was really exciting. Sometimes when you don't 
know what to do, the Lord sends a sledgehammer. Thanks.

The structure of the wards I'm serving in are currently in flux with a new branch president of the 
YSA and lots of people traveling, so we're following the Spirit a lot. It's a good, humbling time.

Charity is the pure love of Christ. I heard one of the best talks I've ever heard on Sunday, and 
the speaker said that instead of writing several iterations of the talk to give in order to prepare, 
he decided to focus on loving the people who were going to be there to be there and the people 
in the ward. That love for people makes all the difference. When you talk to people this week,  
listen to what they mean instead of what they're saying. Tell them you love them, and don't judge 
them. Definitely going to be working on that this week.

I love you all!

Sister Rollins

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