Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May 2, 2016
Sister McGraw Part II!
Sorry for the blurry picture, but this is the Hulls and they are the cutest ever!  And they feed us imitation Cafe Rio and it's delicious.

Sister Christian has a nice camera and someone got us at a moment last preparation day that describes our relationship perfectly, since we're both extremely awkward.  But we like each other.  We're just awkward.  But we like each other.  We're just awkward, non-touchy people.  Exhibit H.

The Sisters of Fairbanks, together one last time!  Sad to be seeing Sister Christian and Sister Ouderkirk leave  :(

Wow, after a blast of 3 months, the great dream team of Sister Christian and Sister Rollins will 
be breaking up. Boo hoo, many tears, &c. Condolences and Chick-fil-A sauce should be sent 
to 3250 Strawberry Rd, Anchorage, AK 99502. No donations accepted.

The weird news is that Sister McGraw is going to be my companion--again! Woot woot! It 
happens a lot in Alaska since we have very few sisters, but it was still a surprise! A good one 
of course.  I'm excited to be with her when she's not sick!

This week has been crazy, since Sister Christian has been here 6 months and loves a lot of 
people. People don't cancel since they can't reschedule, so that's nice.

This week has also been crazy because the elders are being taken out of the 2nd ward, which 
means now we'll be covering two whole areas! 
Yay. So it's been fun to coordinate picking up all of the people they're teaching. Luckily, due to 
a random prompting I had to go visit some of them, I've met most of them. It's like God knew 
or something...

We helped build a church, went to the Foodbank, ate lots of desserts, walked around 
downtown Fairbanks because there's actually people there, and tried to find new people to 
teach but to no avail, because God knew we were going to have to teach all these other 
unexpected people.

God has a plan for us! It was seriously a shock to me both my companion and the fact that 
they were taking the elders out, but the more I think about it the more this past transfer helped 
it all make for a really exciting next transfer. The Lord is really good at making sure the areas 
and the people are prepared for all of the things that need to happen to make them grow! It's 
been such a testimony to me that the big Man Upstairs really is watching out for all of us.

Go read Helaman 4! It's all about how we need to do things the Lord's way, not our way. 
Because He knows what's up.

Remember every day that God loves you enough that He sent His Son for you, to die on the 
cross and suffer in the Garden. He loves you so much that He has provided a way for you to 
be saved, and not just saved to be by yourself, but that you can be with the ones you love
forever. He wants to be there for you every single day, through every single trial and for every 
event, big and small. #hallelujah

Okay love you guys!

Sister Rollins

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