Monday, May 30, 2016

May 30, 2016
Drinking and driving or smoking and biking?

Quote of the week: "Friendship is the best kind of ship!"

Happy Memorial Day! This holiday means a lot more to me now that I know people in the army.
Thanks to everyone who serves, without that I may not be able to share the message of Christ 
with those around me.

It's been a week of ups and downs, peaks and troughs, hills and valleys. Bad things happen 
and then good things happen. The army loses your stuff and then finds your stuff, you think 
people won't come but then they show up 30 minutes late to their lesson, you don't seem to
talk to anyone all week but then everybody shows up at church!

Last Monday we put zero miles on our truck because we carpooled during our preparation 
activities and then walked the rest of the night!  Exciting stuff. The bummer thing about walking 
in Fairbanks is the only people you see/could possibly talk to are loud, yelling teenagers... But 
it's okay, because the Lord still sees you walking and blesses you.

Sister McGraw got sick again, which was a huge bummer for her. But never fear, general 
population of the world, for she's almost back to full health already! It was a scary flashback for 
her, since last time her cough lasted more than the five weeks I was with her, but within
the week she's almost gotten back to normal, just an occasional cough.

People are progressing! Cynthia and Demare (I still don't actually know how to spell his name...
 Apparently sometimes he goes by Kendrick?) are awesome! We met with Cynthia on Thursday,
 and she is so incredibly spiritual. She's excited to prepare for her baptism on the 26th of this 
month! She is such an example to me of just having faith in God, no matter what life throws at 

Oh, this other random girl we talked to just when she was sitting on her front porch called us 
Saturday and asked us if she could come to church Sunday... Uh, yes. Definitely. Feel free to 
come. Please do, actually. She came and loved it! We'll teach her on Saturday.

Exchanges were on Wednesday, so Sister Larcom and I had a blast! Picture included below. 
(Side note: I don't wear glasses most of the time, I just ran out of contact lens solution this week.)

Okay choose the right! "Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is a power to be reckoned with in the 
universe and in individual lives." That is a fact. This week has been an opportunity for us to 
learn that. I'm not the best at expressing how important the Gospel is, but seriously, it's the best 
and most important thing I have in my life. Christ really did die for my sins, and I can be 
forgiven. I've definitely felt that this week.

Don't smoke and bike!

Sister Rollins

Mosquitos here really are huge.
Last week Sister Strong joined the long list of missionaries that have licked the North Pole (I didn't get pictures when I did it, but it definitely happened)

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