Wednesday, May 25, 2016

May 23, 2016
And it came to pass

It's finally really spring here! Yay Alaska... But the choke cherry trees are exploding and the 
pollen count is ridiculous.

Yesterday was an exciting Sabbath! Both Sister McGraw and I took up all of sacrament 
meeting in the YSA branch with our talks, she went 10 minutes and I took 25. It went well, I 
talked about accepting the Lord's directions in our lives as He directs us through the
scriptures, personal revelation, patriarchal blessings and parents/leaders. Basically a talk on 
humility. Then we busted it over to a part member family's house and invited them to church...
 They were about to walk out the door and take a walk, but instead they came to church! She 
isn't a member, and she really liked it! They had to leave after two hours because her 1 year 
old was really fussy, but she was actually disappointed she couldn't stay, so that was really

Then during the third hour of church, two random people walked in and wanted to know more. 
And who knows how to teach nonmembers? Well, the missionaries of course! So we taught 
Cynthia and Dmari the first lesson and they want to know more! Some members kindly invited 
themover for dinner Thursday, we're excited. They're so cool!

Then we got stuck in some conversations and couldn't leave the church for almost an hour... 
Just as we were pulling out the other set of sisters pulled up and had been praying for us not 
to leave! They needed us to unlock some things, so that was cool. Prayer works!
Otherwise we've been very busy with lots of appointments, teaching members and 
non-members alike. Our dinners keep cancelling, but lots of other people keep telling them to 
call us last minute, so we get fed Thai food that's disappointingly mild (because Alaskans don't 
do spicy) but still delicious and have leftovers for days!

We've also been trying to walk everywhere, which is a little difficult because of the lack of 
walking in general by the people of Fairbanks... But it's really fun!

Something we saw as we were walking to a lesson: from what we can tell, this plant literally did 
grow up through the blacktop. Please take a moment to appreciate this truly Alaskan plant - it 
survived the 
winter, so the blacktop is no problem.

Time is short!  Just like most of my companions.  Be humble, humility really does change people’s perceptions of you.  Not that I’m humble, I’m very proud.

Okay, I’ll stop saying weird things.  Have a lovely week!  Tell someone you love them.

Sister Rollins

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