Monday, August 31, 2015

Aug 31, 2015
When you look up at the clouds and see a salmon fillet... #alaska
 Exciting news for the week:
District fish fry! The elders went fishing last Monday (and they didn't even invite us! Rude) 
and caught tons of fish, so we cooked it up after district meeting. Salmon all day! We 
battered some in pancake mix (so good!) and had some in butter and some in oil and all 
were delicious. I now feel semi-confident about my fish frying skills...Too bad salmon is 
wayyyy expensive anywhere besides here, where people give it to you for free all the time 
(yes, that applies to even non-missionaries.)
FISH FRY  #lookinfancy
This past Thursday we switched up companions with the sister training leaders, and I was 
with Sister Galli! She was at BYU my freshman year, and even lived in Helaman Halls! I 
actually remember seeing her once because we had some mutual friends. She's super fun, and it was nice to switch things up a little.
Me and Sister Galli!!
If anyone has any advice for feeling bad for people who had their dog die, please help me 
out. I'm usually a kind and caring person, but... Yeah. #thestruggleisreal

The work is going! We had a family who hasn't been to church in several years because of 
issues with people at church finally come back! The ward boundaries that got changed put 
them in a new ward, so they were excited, but then she had a baby, and then one kid 
needed tubes in his ears... And now, five months later, they finally made it!

We also had a sweet lady who is also returning after the ward boundaries changed who 
brought a four day old puppy to church! It was the cutest thing... A runt who had almost 
been squished by her mother :( but she was surviving! One of the ladies at church told her 
she needed to stick her puppy down her shirt to keep it warm... She just gave her a weird 
look and kept holding it.

Sister Price on drugs is pretty funny. She's been having poop contractions, which is 

Life is going well otherwise! Fall is definitely in the air... #40andfalling

Thought on keeping the Sabbath Day holy: everyone should be open to having spiritual 
experiences on the Sabbath. Whether it be at church, during the sacrament, or at home with your family, you should be seeking the Spirit and gaining that spiritual nourishment throughout the day.

Peace out, homies!! Remember that church is for healing, not hiding.

Sister Rollins

Us trying to look pretty and get the scenery and failing at both

The Soldotna district numero tres since I've been here

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