Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Aug 17, 2015
I almost forgot you all

Time is weird.


So yesterday was my last day of training, so I am now officially trained! Which means 
transfers are tomorrow, and guess what... I'm staying in Soldotna with Sister Price! Yay!
Kenai Peninsula 5everrrrrr.  It's a little weird not to have any change, but we are
going to keep rockin' it here just like we always have! This will mean Sister Price will be
here for six months! And I will probably too! Just not the same six months. Ah!

Life is good. People come to church and DUSTIN is our golden investigator! He's amazing
and getting baptized on September fifth! He's like a sponge and does whatever we commit 
him too. His biggest disappointment about the Gospel is that he can't go on a mission,
because he's 27! Everything else he loves. He's only met with us twice and has finished 
1 Nephi! He also rides basically Batman's motorcycle (the Night Rider?) and loves his job 
cooking at the cutest 50's restaurant in town. Basically the coolest guy ever.

In other news, we had an amazing fireside with some Area 70s that came and basically 
called all of the bishops to repentance - it says in Handbook 2 that missionary work is the 
priority. So do it, both personally and in ward council. So pumped.

Also of note, we tracted into one of the best old ladies I've ever met - her name is Granny 
Girves, and she is a hoot. She hates Ohio ("it's a [expletive] place, don't ever go back!") 
and has some strong opinions about money - "It's of the devil! It don't help nobody!" and
her son is actually a member. Apparently she told him she really liked us, so we might go 
back and actually teach her the Gospel! We'll see... She was definitely what I want to be 
when I grow up, though!

Well, time is short and the Russian River trails are waiting! I love you all.

As someone we tracted into said, "I'll see you up there!"

Sister Rollins

PS deep thought: God cannot be disappointed in you. He already knew everything you're 
going to do, so He doesn't have expectations you won't reach, therefore He cannot be  
Thanks for your letters! I really do appreciate them.

These lovely ladies helped me out at a fundraiser event I was doing! 
They are fantastic!    --Claire Kincaid

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