Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Aug 24, 2015
When you pick up hitchhikers in Alaska...

You're not actually crazy! And they become new investigators! But actually. Natalie and 
Chris are getting baptized in Connecticut next month. Go see them.

This week has been so beautiful... Long, sunny days that are getting shorter, but I still 
haven't really seen Alaska in the dark. Soldotna is slowed down, the streets are back to 
pre-run levels of activity, only a few people at church are from Utah in their jeans and white shirts. 
Sister Price and Sister Rollins  Selfie
People keep feeding us halibut cheese casserole, smoked salmon is coming out of 
everyone's ears, but the limit is down to 2 and the freezers are full. People are hurrying to 
harvest the last of the raspberries, broccoli, cabbage, and rhubarb... And they're done 
mowing their lawns. (Which if you only mow your lawn three times a year, that's actually not a big deal.) we haven't quite hit the first frost, but it's definitely chilly when we go running in 
the mornings.

After some dangerous (and partially unintentional) experimentation, it has been determined with 92.7% certainty that Sister Price is allergic to cantaloupe. Don't try this at home, kids.

People are so cool! Hitchhikers need to be picked up! Alaska really is a dangerous place, 
not just because of the earthquakes and volcanoes and avalanches and two lane potholed 
highways and bears, but because it steals your heart!

Becoming a missionary is about working until you don't want to work, and then learning to 
keep working.

Don't be afraid to open your mouth and INVITE. We had an amazing fireside a week ago, 
and Elders Call and Johnson called everyone to repentance and everyone responded in 
amazing ways!

Set insanely high goals for yourself and then utterly fail - but you'll still end up ahead of 
where you were (yes, we were trying for 19 lessons with investigators and a member 
present and reached 7, but that's the highest they've ever had in this area.) We had a Relief
Society lesson yesterday on raising the bar, but remember that the first time you raise the 
bar, you might totally botch it. That's okay. Raise your sights, and the rest of your self will 
follow with time.

Go see trails with bear scat on them! We went hiking on the Russian River Trails and saw 
just sit there and watch for an hour.

My commitment to you: Go try and fling yourself up a metaphorical waterfall this week. Who knows, you might make it up there... In order to just swim to another waterfall you can try to 
jump over. Except imagine you don't have legs. Or arms.

With much poetic license,

Sister Rollins

One thing I know helps us as missionaries avoid wasting time on our devices is to be super accountable. So when I get home, I want to write down on all time that I spend on the 
computer - just keep a log, or even just look through my browser history and see how much time I spent... Usually if I set goals to spend less time, then it works out! Also setting goals inother areas so that I'm not just bored all of the time - my counted cross stitch helped me 
avoid my computer a lot!

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