Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Aug 3, 2015

Hello hello!

One of the best things about having a companion who's with you 24/7 is that you can ask her what you did all week and 
she actually knows exactly all the things you did.

Like last week, we went to Skilak Lookout and saw fireweed taller than me (probably about 6 feet tall? That means the 
snow will be 6 feet deep this winter!) and had a gorgeous view of the Skilak lake. Pictures to follow when I have a good 
way to send them... But it was awesome and gorgeous!

Oh, and this week I hit my 2 months in Alaska mark! And Sister Price hit 11 months on her mission, so that's crazy. She 
keeps telling people she's been out "just a little over halfway..." Because she doesn't want it to end.

This week was also my first time in Funny River! It's actually not that far, but we can't tract there (we can't tract most places, actually...) so we don't go there hardly ever. It's so beautiful, and we saw a baby moose! Current moose count: 11. That's more than one for every week I've been in Alaska! Oh, and the sign as you leave the little town (it's not really a town... 
More like a village?) is the cutest - "leaving Funny River - be careful out there!"

We also went to The Moose is Loose, which is a moose paraphernalia shop (have I mentioned it before? Not sure) and 
their sign outside says: "Does Christmas in July disturb you? Come in and be disturbed!"

So we went in and weren't disturbed, just got raspberry chocolate chip donuts.

We had an amazing Relief Society lesson on Sunday about our responsibility to forgive others, and one sister shared something so cool: forgiveness is NOT about our relationship with the person we're forgiving. No one ever sins against us; 
they sin against God. We might be hurt because of their actions, but we just forgive them for hurting us. That's hard, but 
the Atonement of Jesus Christ covers all of that hurt, all of that pain, all of anything that happens because of others. So (to quote Elsa) let it go.

Love you all! Thanks for all the pictures and emails and letters - I don't have a ton of time to write today because we're 
driving down to Homer, but I love you all!

Sister Rollins

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