Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Happy birthday, Sister Price!
June 30, 2015

It's my companion's birthday, so we had a 
party! Her mom sent decorations and 
presents and candles and cups so we had
 lots of fun.  Yay! Also, Sister Olson was 
kind enough to let us use her oven and
house and washer and dryer, so we had
a party with her! And her boys picked  
Sister Price some flowers and then we 
gave them delicious brownies. Oh, and 
pro tip: instead of using frosting/icing, just 
slice a chocolate bar and then let the 
pieces melt on the hot brownies/cake.
So much easier, and delicious!

This week has been... Full of adventures! We saw a rainbow all across
the sky, a dog on a roof (the owners weren't home... Hopefully he
didn't defecate up there) and a really pretty river (I'm convinced the
Kenai River is probably the prettiest river ever. Sorry, Ohio River.
You're too dirty.)
Oh, and last week I went fishing! I didn't catch any, but Elder
Carlson (who didn't want to go) caught two! It's starting to be salmon
season! I also caught a hook caught in my arm... And I'm learning more
and more about fishing. I'll let you decide if it's voluntary or

We had exchanges this week, which was fun. I went up to Anchorage,
which was weird! There's actually people outside there... Which was a
change. Also, I'm getting a little too used to dirt roads... The four
lane roads seemed crazy! There were so many people!

Also, Sister Galli, who I actually met at BYU before I came out, came
down here... And she hasn't served outside of Anchorage. She was
funny--she was confused where everybody is. #smalltown #alaska

Oh, and the signs up here are the greatest. We saw one the other day
by a farm - "WE DON'T RENT PIGS". Not sure how many people asked them
before they put that up... Oh, and I didn't punch a moose, I just cut
my hand on a rock weeding and then told people that's why I was
bleeding... You know.

Current moose count: six.

We had three investigators come to Sacrament meeting this week! Also,
old people are the cutest people on the planet. We took an older lady
from the ward to visit an investigator who's living in an assisted
living center, and she was hanging out with a less active member! So
we sat down with all three, and they had a ball just talking and
telling weird/funny stories and me and Sister Price just about died of
laughter/from them stuffing us with candy because they think we're
malnourished (don't worry, we get fed plenty.)

Hope you are all doing well! One thing that I loved from a talk
someone gave this Sunday was that the Holy Ghost doesn't ever lie to
us. It witnesses of truth, and it does it forever. It will never tell
you something and then say oh jk, that's actually not true. Once we
know something, it might seem like we need to have a confirmation
again and again, but we also need to hold on to the things we
have--they are so important!

Remember who you are!

Sister Rollins

Me by Summit Lake on the way up to Anchorage! 
So pretty there :) PS Anyone who comes to Alaska with me 
ever is going to make this drive, it's possibly the best part of


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