Monday, June 8, 2015

Me pointing at a map in the MTC... I can reach Alaska! Yay for me not being too short.

...then this one is of my companion and you can see how pretty Alaska is (yes that water is green! and so pretty) 

So life here in Soldotna is amazing! It's definitely a fishing town... and everyone's either fishing or on the slope. Down in the lower 48 (aka "outside") not everybody really knows about all the awesome fishing that can happen in the 20 hours of daylight in the summertime, but the real run happens in July, so all you can catch now is halibut.

Uh, that's all I've learned about fishing... yeah, half the conversations we have I'm a little lost.

Soooooooooo in other news, people here are amazing! There's a lot of people who we go and visit who don't come to church a lot, and it's interesting to sit down with them and figure out why. They usually are pretty friendly, although a couple aren't... and that's always fun :) but ultimately they're all just people.

Sister Price and I had a cool experience yesterday--I met a family in the first couple days I was here that didn't seem too interested in anything. I didn't really feel like we were talking about anything, just sort of being in the same room. We went and visited them yesterday, though, and it was totally different. Vaughn, the dad, was really interested in the scripture we shared, pulling it up on Gospel Library and wanting to read it, and his son Vaughn was also really engaged. Basically, they were a different family. In a moment when he was gone, his wife, Samantha, told us that he had been praying for a long time, and finally got an answer from God! We were super excited, and suddenly everything made sense. They weren't able to make it to church yesterday, but they were totally committed to come next week! They just have been kinda dragged along to everything for so long, it was really cool to see that that answer from God just gave them a whole new motivation to come closer to Christ.
Sister Price and I and our truck!    Holy cow Alaska is pretty

Oh, and I haven't told you about Sister Price! She's my trainer, and she's so fun. She grew up in Idaho Falls, Idaho and has been here in Alaska for 9 months now (she just hit her halfway point this week!) She's served in Valdez and North Pole (someone was telling me there was a North Pole, Alaska and I didn't believe them... they were actually right, whoever you are). We're both similarly introverted and not particularly loud or chatty, and everyone tells us that we look exactly the same. She's about six inches shorter than me, so any pictures we take together make me look tall... but she's awesome!

The bishop's family (the Lewises) made me a "greenie" dinner! It was so fun--green spaghetti, peas, mint ice cream, salad, cucumbers and green bell peppers, green M&Ms... mmmmmmmmmm

I love being here in Alaska! Seriously though, it's amazing to just talk to people all day everyday and then see how so many people already love Jesus.

Sister Rollins

 Sister Price and me and our truck!

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