Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22, 2015

Once upon a time, I went to Alaska... And had an awesome time!

Awesome things that happened this week:

Our district went to the beach last week! It was super fun, and we played football! (Obviously just Sister Price and I played against each other and the elders couldn't touch us, so I was a great blocker!  Haha) and threw the frisbee in the ocean a couple times... And met a couple from France! The weather here has been 80 and perfect, but everyone here still complains that it's hot! It's pretty funny, actually.

Oh, and shoutout to Michael Wriston for noticing I said I punched a moose last week.

Oh, not awesome thing: the Kenai Peninsula is on fire! There have been a few fires around Sterling and down in  Funny River, which is in our ward boundaries but not where we live. So all we've seen is smoke!   And no one we know has been evacuated, which is good. Although a few homes have been burned down :(

Okay, back to awesome:
Linda is on date for July 19th to be baptized, and she's so excited!  She tells everyone at church and is sure to make sure they'll be in town! We found out she's actually known about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints since high school, and now all her six kids are grown and she's ready to really commit and make that covenant with God! Super cool.

The ward here is awesome! We had an investigator who's come to church a couple times who really wanted to come but didn't have a dress or skirt and was insistent she would feel out of place... Which of course we told her wasn't a problem, but she's stubborn. So Saturday at about 3 we finally called the Relief Society president and within about
three hours Evie had a dress and shoes to come to church! People are amazingly generous and willing to help out here! It's super cool.

Uhhh fun stories... I've been doing a lot of gardening! Apparently rhubarb leaves help keep the weeds down? Also everyone here grows rhubarb... But it's not really my favorite. Not bad, just not... Great... Yeah....

I made cookies! And our oven is terrible, so they were ugly and we couldn't give them away :( 

Oh, and happy summer solstice! Which was yesterday, I think, but everyone here celebrates it since there's sunshine all day errrrday.

Well, I'm doing awesome! I love the work and the people and life is going well. Special shoutout to my dad, because Father's Day was yesterday! There's an awesome Mormon Message called Earthly Father, Heavenly Father on that we showed to everyone we met with yesterday. It talks about how even though we don't see him working,
just like we may not see our dad who goes to work all day, Heavenly Father is still always working each and every day on our behalf just to provide the things that we need. And He still 'comes home' everyday, but if we're not there to greet Him (i.e. if we don't kneel in prayer everyday), then we miss out on the daily communication He wants to have with us! Because He really does love us.

Love ya'll!

Sister Rollins

We got to go for P Day last week!  It was awesome and not crowded and we played football

Here's a picture of my district after zone meeting... Elders Carlson, Pope, Secody, Shurtz, and Sister Price and I! We're super awesome at taking pictures.

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