Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 6, 2015

Paper clips are actually effective bobby pins

Hello hello! This is Sister Rollins, and we just got transfer calls... and I'm staying in Soldotna! Which is no surprise to anyone, because there was about zero chance of me being transferred to finish my training somewhere else.

This week was the Fourth of July, in case any of you forgot. Sister Price and I (and the other elders in our district) helped out with the Kenai Parade! We passed out bags for collecting candy (finally, everybody actually wants what we're offering... although they want what we have, they just don't know it) and then rode alongside the parade on bikes and kept the kids off the streets/kept people from throwing candy from moving vehicles and lacerating the kids/poking out their eyeballs/we didn't even have vests so we didn't look official but it was still fun! Very rainy, but they had a HUGE turnout! I think it's rainy pretty much every year, and it's pretty much the only parade on the peninsula, so that's why everyone was so excited to watch the poor little drumline and the Oilers ride by. Oh, and I got two splinters from two different wheelbarrows this week! #workinghardorhardlyworking

Other news... I actually ate delicious Mexican food! There were some snowbirds who offered us dinner, and her enchiladas were just divine... and rice and guacamole and deliciousness, mmm. Also had bison burgers, those were pretty good as well. Did you know they have bison up here? I didn't. Probably my favorite animal here (besides MOOSE I LOVE THEM) is the musk ox. I haven't actually seen one yet, but there's a taxidermied one in the Kenai Visitor's Center.

Also, protip: Don't tract the street right after the Jehovah's Witnesses do. People are easily confused.

Welp, that's all from me! The work here is doing well. Linda is still doing fabulously on her way to baptism! She's getting so excited and we are too! 

Deep thought: God is not worried.

Let it marinate.


Sister Rollins

This is us and our borrowed bikes in the lovely rain! Also we're blue in the first one because we were trying to be patriotic. Also please note that I was wearing a red and white striped shirt underneath my black sweatshirt, so yes, I'm patriotic. Because wearing a color is the most patriotic thing you can do. kbai

Me and my companion are cute

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