Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I made it out of clay...

June 20, 2015

Hello hello readers of my email!

This week has been crazy! I thought that doubling our Sacrament Meeting attendance in one week was good... and we doubled it again! Our chapel was full of fisherman in their white shirts, dark pants and tennis shoes who have come from all over Alaska and the world to catch them some salmon. Unfortunately, the salmon run is super late this year and hasn't even hit yet! And if it doesn't... a lot of people go hungry :( But I have faith in the salmon, they will come!
Even more awesome then four times as many people as we usually have is a baptism! Linda was baptized yesterday! She was so excited to be able to finally make that covenant with God and be part of the Church family. You're all invited to her confirmation along with the musical number Sister Price and I are doing in Sacrament Meeting this coming Sunday!

We also had a youth baptism where four eight year olds were baptized!  It's awesome to see so many people so happy and feeling so blessed.

Funny stories from this week:

We were eating dinner at someone's house, and they asked us if we wanted some shaky cheese for our spaghetti! ...yes, please pass the parmesan.

We were eating dinner with some kids, and were talking about an event that had happened in one of their friend's backyards. "Where does their backyard neighbor live?" "Oh, that's their Grommy."

Also, apparently kids here can make $200 from a lemonade stand?!

We now do almost all of our paperwork on our iPads!  It's really frustrating, but not terrible. Just annoying. PS I don't want this iPad after my mission, if anyone wants to buy it feel free to do so.

Oh, and I went to Seward!  We drove halfway to Anchorage and switched companions, and I was driving back... and missed the turn to Soldotna... and ended up in Seward!   We pulled off into a random driveway (scary - there are too many trees to even tell what's in the driveways) and it was actually the church building!   And so we turned around and drove to Soldotna. Seward is pretty cool, by the way.

Well, that's about half of my crazy week, but the other half isn't even describable! Thanks for all of the letters and love.

Sister Rollins

All trucks grow up into Jeeps, duh.

Actually, the Jeep was in for repairs just for one transfer, so they gave us back the Jeep and gave the elders our truck :(

It's cursed because lots of bad things not involving me have happened in it/to it, including things being stolen from it (hence the needing repairs). But it's fine now and all the missionaries are fine now yay!

Sister Dall and I at the prettiest place in Alaska, Summit Lake when we were on exchanges. And no, the picture doesn't do it justice at all.

Me, Linda, and Sister Price on Linda's baptism day

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