Thursday, July 16, 2015

Even Fish Need the Gospel!

Mon July 13, 2015

Oh, what a week...

It's definitely fishing season, and Soldotna is flooded with people!  From the full parking lot at Fred Meyer's to the chapel overflowing into the gym during sacrament meeting, this is Soldotna at its busiest for sure. Unfortunately, even the locals are out fishing all day and night... And not at home for us to talk to! But we get along.

Our craziest adventure this week involved the AK Taco Shack! It's a lovely little food truck off the Spur that we've been wanting to try since we drove by my first week in Soldotna. We finally decided to go there for dinner, since no one had signed up to feed us. As we pulled into the lot, however, we realized it was closed and we wouldn't be
able to enjoy delicious tacos for dinner. So where to next? The big blue truck with a "THAI FOOD TO GO" sign outside it, of course! So we drove over there and ordered some delicious Thai food. While it was cooking, we stopped by the Moose is Loose, home of all moose paraphernalia (from footie pajamas to Christmas ornaments to a moose
dice game) and donuts, and then walked back to claim our dinner. We then decided to eat our Thai food back at the tables by AK Taco Shack, since all the picnic tables there were empty. So we get there and get out and eat our yummy Thai food (PS best food in town. Just for all you future visitors.) and then... We realize we had locked our keys in the car! Sooooooooo we don't know anyone's phone numbers and don't have our phone anyway... Luckily we were only a good ten minute walk from a member's home, where we called some elders who... Got into our car via totally legal means. Duh. So we gave them our moose is loose donuts and went on our way!

Thankfully, nothing was stolen this time...

And yes, that Jeep is cursed.

In other news, Linda is getting baptized this Saturday! She's really excited, and so are we! We also are now teaching two part member families, both of which love us immensely and want to feed us dinner all the time... No more Thai food for us :(

But the work of God is going forward!

Deep thought: those around us don't confirm our hope in Christ, angels do. It doesn't matter how many people aren't interested, because they're not the ones who confirm your faith. D&C 128:21

Have a lovely day!

Sister Rollins

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