Saturday, July 2, 2016

Physics equations are strangely comforting
June 28, 2016
This week just blew by. Except there's no wind here...

Exchanges with the 5th ward sisters meant I went back to Fairbanks for a day, which was very strange. I've never been anywhere close to any of my previous areas, so this whole seeing previous ward members in McDonald's is really strange to me. It's not bad though! 

North Pole is doing fabulous! We had two different people this week walk up to the elders and ask to meet with the missionaries, so that was neat. They both live in our ward, and one came to church and enjoyed it! The other has a sister who came to our ward activity Saturday.

Speaking of our ward activity, it was HOT. Okay, like 85... But it seriously feels boiling. We survived with water balloons and a slip and slide... If you go on your knees, your skirt doesn't get that wet...

We started teaching two teenage girls, Claire and Linda this week. They're doing awesome, they came to church and loved it! Their mom is really cool too, but for now she works on Sunday's so can't come to church :( but they've been reading in the Book of Mormon as a family, which is super cool! They are such cool examples of doing things as a family to me - the mother and daughters are just best friends and do everything together! It's really cute.

I'm loving being with Sister Rose! She's a lil sweetie. We laugh a lot and have good times talking to atheists from Iowa. Also, the most common comments when people find out where we're from:
"Neither of you are from Utah? Wow!"
"Oh, Ohio and Iowa are really close, aren't they?"
"Oh, y'all are from back east!" (...literally Iowa is not in the east, nor is Ohio really. But that's okay.)

Love you all! This week I read Ether 3 and was blown away by the brother of Jared's praying skills. First, he acknowledged his will wasn't the best but God knows best. He then thanks Heavenly Father for his blessings, and then humbly asks for God to finish the work he has started that he can't complete. Except he says it way better than I do... Go learn how to pray better by reading that chapter :)

Love you all!

Sister Rollins

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