Thursday, July 14, 2016

July 11, 2016
Kilomastificatory Pulmonary Resuscitation

Whirlwind whirlwind whirlwind whirlwind.  Say that ten times fast.

Last Monday I hopped on a plane! It was a neat experience. I sat next to a kind motherly 
figure by the name of Robin, who was headed to a funeral. We started talking, and we never 
stopped! I shared from the Book of Mormon about what happens after we die, and how we 
know all of this through revelation from modern day prophets... Unfortunately we only got 
through a lesson and a half but she wants to read and learn more! It was super cool because 
we got along really well. She lives in Nenana, so the sisters there are going to teach her... The 
best part was when she told me she felt like God had been preparing her the last three or four 
months to meet me. Me?! I'm not much of a person to meet. But I'm so grateful she recognized 
that I'm doing my best to represent Christ and she felt of His love through me.

I spent Tuesday in Anchorage at a Mission Leadership Council. We gave a training about 
kilomastificatory pulmonary resuscitation. President Robinson was convinced they actually 
renamed CPR... I need to be careful about pulling jokes and not ever telling anyone the 
punchline :)

Basically I haven't even been in North Pole this week, which is a super bummer. But we had a 
great zone meeting and even got cookies for being responsible missionaries! And then we took 
a picture to show our appreciation.

Had another great lesson with my favorite people: Franny, Chris, Ida and Terry joined us for the 
first time. They're seriously amazingly humble and just love to read the word of God. Franny 
especially loves the Bible, but they all participate and make the best comments. We've been 
working on getting them comfortable coming to church, since they feel pretty judged... Franny 
said she regretted not coming last week, so we sang her a song and told her it'd make her feel 
better, which she loved it. I haven't sung for people in a long time...

Anyway, be confident in the Lord this week! And in yourself. Remember, "to be worthy does not 
mean to be perfect." - Gerrit W Gong. You're worth it, it being the Atonement of Jesus Christ. 
Just you.

Love you all! Go hug your favorite person today.

Sister Rollins

Sister Rose and I got necklaces from Tricia, this cute lady in our ward :)


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