Tuesday, July 19, 2016

July 18, 2016
Fed some reindeer.  The reindeer lady likes us, and she's even feeding us tonight...

It's really hot outside.  Like 97.

We’ve ditched our car several times this week and just walked several miles, which is neat.  There’s not many people walking around, but we talk to all of them!

We had a lot of people come to church yesterday!  They had a great experience.  I taught in Young Women’s about baptism – how Jesus was baptized, so we should be baptized as He was and make those covenants with our Father in Heaven that allow Him to bless us even more than otherwise!  Gotta love Jesus.

Apologies if this isn’t the most coherent email, I’m a little lightheaded.

Love you all!

Sister Rollins

sent via voice recording:

So this is Sister Rollins and Sister Rose and we are currently serving our missions...the Lord's missions...for us...in North Pole, Alaska!  We just got done with the long wonderful day and we saw some really cool miracles and we wanted to tell you about one of them.  This story starts we have been trying to walk more...we have cars and we can use it any time we want but today and our mission president has instructed us that we need to get out of our cars more.  So today we parked at the church and we went and we walked probably a mile/mile and a half to this person's house.  It was like probably 95 degrees in Alaska and it was really hot and there was no one for us to talk to on the way.  But we made it all the way there and we knocked on the door and they...weren't home.  

So we looked to our left and we looked to our right and we looked for some people to talk to and there was a family playing outside next door.  We went up to them and their dog ran up to us - it was a little dachshund, a cute little thing, and we were like "oh your dog is so cute" and we started talking to them about their family and about have they ever met Mormons before.  It turns out her husband is a less active member and she had read some of the Book of Mormon before but not recently and she had never prayed about it.  We invited her to do that and we asked if we could come back and teach her and she was like "yeah, I don't know when because I have to check my husband's schedule but here's my phone number and we gave her our phone number and it was an amazing miracle that she was so prepared and that she can now be taught by missionaries and hopefully enter the waters of baptism.  Yeah.  It was a miracle.  

Then we talked to a crazy guy who told us that ISIS is taking over Alaska, who had a boxer.  Don't talk to people with Boxers, that's what I learned.  Just kidding.  Anyway, Boxers are great.  It's true...boxers are great.  So that was our miracle of the day for July 14, 2016.  So go do missionary work.  Talk to your family members and invite them to hear the Gospel 'cause they just might listen to it.  Also we smell like smoke and cats because of (something mumbled).  The end.

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