Tuesday, July 5, 2016

July 4, 2016
Easily distracted by ranch and French fries

Exchanges with the 2nd ward sisters, mosquitos, Zone Conference, the most delicious sandwich
 in the world, hey look, a parade!

Grandma's earrings, Firefli's baptism, strawberries, Nilla wafers, and a vicious poem competition,
 one more non smoker in the world!

The Gospel. It changes lives, people!

Imagine a sandwich with Ranch instead of mayo. Now add some avocado, and some spicy 
turkey and pepper jack cheese. But wait, don't forget the bacon! As well as some lettuce and/or 
fresh basil.

We had a lesson with Linda and Claire this week. We were talking about Joseph Smith and his 
experience, and as we were talking it struck me that I didn't really feel the peace and comfort 
that usually accompanies that story as we talk about it - the Holy Ghost manifesting of its 
truthfulness. However, in the middle of our conversation one of the girls randomly started talking 
about something else, and suddenly the feeling in the room completely changed. The
drastic changes we sometimes feel tell us more than when we're feeling the same things all the 

I love you all! Also, my companion enjoys Chick-fil-A sauce as much as I do. Just a friendly 
reminder. Neither of us have had it in about fourteen months.

Sister Rollins

I forgot the pictures... Best testimony of the week: "this s*** is real"

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