Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Nov 7, 2016

The temple!

This week was fab. I headed down to Anchorage to go to the temple!

Mission Leadership Council was really awesome this week. I got to the airport and asked the zone leaders about their training... and they were like, we're not training! Apparently we're going to the temple instead! So that was awesome. Elder Davis and Sister Ewing and I all stayed in the celestial room a long time since it's been awhile for all of us.

We had a great Saturday back in North Pole. People like it when you come over when it's snowing, because then they can laugh at how cold you are and offer you hot chocolate. Less children means less chaos and a more spiritual experience for a tired mom.

I said goodbye to Dana this week, she's leaving and won't get back until after I leave. People are really cool!

Don't do drugs, stay off the street when it snows.

Sister Rollins

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