Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Nov 14, 2016
3,134 words for you!

Two exchanges! Gotta train all these Fairbanks sisters before I leave.

Gave a talk yesterday in church. Belief is an acceptance of words and ideas, but if you experience those words and ideas and develop a trust in them then you're gaining faith. Go read Alma 32, it'll tell you all about. Remember to pray, act, then reflect. (Also known as repentance, making covenants, and then receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost more... and then you have more faith and repent and make more covenants etc... wow, almost like the third missionary lesson! Crazy!)

I'm staying strong to the end! Don't use straight bleach in an enclosed bathroom with a really bad fan for more than an hour. You might almost suffocate. It's okay though, that's how she wanted it done.

Sister Rollins

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