Tuesday, April 5, 2016

|Apr 5, 2016
Chopping lots of things in the snow

Wow, General Conference! Was the bomb.com. Super fan. Probably my favorite part was 
when Elder Holland talked about the dinosaur chasing us. Priceless.
It snowed again! I'm still lovin it.

Sister Christian was sick this week, making my fifth companion (of...let's see... yep, that's five) 
to require medical attention during my sojourn with them! I love all of you, former companions. 
I think the Lord is trying to prepare me to become a nurse. Or just teaching me how to be nice 
to sick people. Luckily, her ailment was just the common cold and I managed to avoid catching 
it myself.

To save me from cabin fever, I went out with Sister Larcom (one of the sisters who live with us) 
and we taught Sid his final lessons in preparation for his baptismal interview! He's doing really 
great. We are trying to work it out so he can get baptized in the river... But we'll see if my 
smooth talking skills are up to snuff. I have until Saturday...

General Conference was an enjoyable experience to watch in the Institute building! We had 
breakfast in between sessions (which, to my heart which is still in Ohio, watching conference at 
noon for the first session, not the second, was blasphemy) and had fun all together enjoying the 
awesome talks. My favorite part was probably when Sister Oscarson threw down: "You might 
know it all, but do you really believe it?" She seriously rocks so much. I love how much she just 
encourages us to question and constantly strengthen our testimonies.

Remember who you are! Love you all.

Sister Rollins

The current state of Fairbanks

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