Monday, April 11, 2016

Apr 11, 2016
Verbalizing feelings is hard, but I'm working on it

The Fairbanks Zone! Zone meeting was the bomb. I would name all the people but 
that would take a long time.
   Back row: Elder Christensen, Elder Andersen, Elder Pace, Elder Dalin, Elder 
Berensen, Elder Kipp is hiding, Elder Hoyer, Elder Gehring, Elder White
  Middle row: Sister Larcom, Sister Strong, Sister Williams, Sister Ouderkirk, 
Sister Christian, Sister Rollins
   Sitting row: Elder Strong, Elder Agad, Elder Rogers, Elder Rushton, Elder Palmer

Sid and Ethan with Sister Christian and me! And Jesus, of course.

"Have you ever just been in the middle of a field where nothing is around and as you look up 
and you see the millions of stars above you, and all you feel is peace? It's kinda like that but 
my chest feels so heavy and full, and it makes me want to cry with joy." -Sid 

Joy got baptized! She was taught primarily by her home ward elders, but she's a YSA so we 
got to teach her some too. She's so cute! She's from Georgia and her family isn't too happy 
about her getting baptized, but she's a rockstar.

Favorite training from zone meeting was probably the one where Elder Palmer threw down 
about being converted. Are all of your actions really reflecting that you want to be a disciple 
of Christ?

Sister Rollins

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