Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Dec 7, 2015
Lots of fog = chocolate frog

Greetings, citizens of the world! Getting stuck on the ice/in a snow bank, decorating an old 
folk's home, going through a movie collection of about 200 movies, attending the temple for
the first time in seven months, being generally unable to find houses in the dark, going on
exchanges to Anchorage, playing piano at a baptism, and teaching about the millennium 
has taken up most of my week.


So... Once upon a time Sister Rollins was driving the fun Equinox she loves driving and 
missed a turn. She decides to turn around at the next street, but unfortunately doesn't 
realize that street was actually an ice rink disguised as a road! So she gets most of the way
around and slides a solid twelve feet into a snow bank. Luckily, she and her companion are
 only a five and a half minute walk from the house they were visiting. The said investigators 
in the house are bemused by our plight and offer to pull us out, which offer we gladly
accept. They drive their truck down to our car and begin to turn around, only to find 
themselves sliding as we had! Frantic prayers were offered, and the truck misses our car 
by inches and goes into a ditch, where the wheels are spun until the truck is solidly stuck.

Luckily, a member lives next door! So the seven minute trek is made, and a plea for help 
for now two cars is responded to. That member laughs at us and then promptly goes and 
pulls both of us out using his lived-in-Alaska-for-thirty-years skills. It was a cold, good time.

Going to the temple was really nice! I unexpectedly got to see a few people from Soldotna, 
which was delightful. One of the girls who had prepared, submitted papers, and then gotten
 her call for her mission while I was there was receiving her endowment! She was super 
grateful I was there, and it was really fun to see her and a few other ward members.

Perpetual snow and ice is super exciting to drive in! Alaska's been getting a real winter this 
year, versus last year's wimpy one, which is fabulous.

We found two someone's to teach this week! People told us to go visit some supposedly 
unfriendly people, but they turned out to be friendly and very open to hearing from us. In 
fact, they were really excited for us to teach them, which is not always the case. It was 
probably one of the most awkward interactions I've ever had (which is saying something. 
Don't worry, I haven't become less awkward on my mission!) but Sister McGraw and I 
decided that's what they needed - to see that we are definitely not perfect teachers by any 
means. We're mostly just awkward.

Talking to people in the five hours of daylight is difficult but possible. Seven is officially the 
middle of the night.

Exchanges in Anchorage was fun! Sister Dall is a gem and made me wear a Utes 

Christmastime is the best kind of time! If you haven't watched the new Christmas video, "A 
Savior is Born," I would encourage you to do so now. It's definitely different than last year's 
video, but the message that Christ is born is the same. Actually, watch this year's and last
year's for maximum upliftment.

The invitation it leaves with you is to discover why the Savior was born - why He's the 
reason for the season! I love hearing everyone's reasons, but one that's stuck out to me is 
so that we can be happy because we are free from guilt. We don't have regrets because 
we know we can be forgiven. The Savior was born so He could do the great work that 
redeems us in an inexplicable way from the sadness, sorrows and tumult of this world. So 
rejoice greatly and take the sacrament this week to renew that covenant that binds you to 
Him and allows you to access His grace.

Okay, much love and happiness! And as a wonderful old black lady told me this week, 
"Evry tongue shall confess to Jesus!" In the Millenium, so might as well do it now.

Sister Rollins

At the Anchorage Temple

Found this at the church...someone must have really not liked Isaac

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