Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Dec 21, 2015

And then I pet an alpaca

Once upon a time, in the wintry land of Alaska, there lived a sister in the North Pole. She 
worked hard teaching Santa Claus (no joke) and Olive the other Reindeer (yes joke) the 
Gospel so they could learn the true meaning of Christmas. Right before the actual day of 
Christmas, however, she descended to a lower part of Alaska and settled in the small town of Palmer, home of the state fair and fireworks after Thanksgiving. That sister, Sister 
Webster, became my companion! And it's been a good time.

Sooo because you will all ask about her, she's from Hood River, Oregon. She went to BYU-I for a year before she came out, and she's almost as crazy as I am. She loves Miranda 
Sings and working hard. She also sings very loudly and very in tune. She pretty much rocks.

In other news, we were expecting about 10 people at church yesterday! And only 1 came. 
So, although disappointing, we still love them.

We also have procured a Christmas tree so that we can properly celebrate Christmas! (Of 
course, all you really need is Christ in your heart, but the tree that points toward heaven is a good reminder.)

Oh, we had a neat experience the other day: we were driving to an appointment and passed a lady walking down the street (somewhat abnormal). I felt like I should stop and offer her 
help, but I didn't want to interrupt Sister Webster's story, so I made it a good 50 feet down 
the road before I stopped and turned around. She said she could use some help feeding her alpacas, so we helped! It wasn't too strenuous, but it was fun! And she said she'll be 
feeding them around the same time every day for the next couple days, so I see many
alpacas in my future...

Well, I now have the A Savior is Born video memorized, so if you haven't seen it by 
Christmas at, call me and I'll quote it to you!
Much love and blessings,

Sister Rollins

Sis Webster, me and Mary Lou the reindeer

 My and my mommy and daddy at transfer meeting :) (Sister Rose and Sister Price)
 Happy birthday Jesus!

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