Friday, May 22, 2015

May 22, 2015

Sister Rollins and Sister Branch

Everything is going so well! I leave here on Monday, early in the
morning, and so I'll be in Anchorage in three days! Crazy crazy.

I actually met someone here who's from Alaska, and she told me lots of
great things! Like that Fairbanks, since it's away from the ocean,
gets actually hot in the summers (like 80 or 90 I think she said?) and
is really buggy, and then in the winter gets to like 50 below!!! But
then places like Juneau, where she's from, are much more temperate and
range from like 70s in the summer to like 0 in the winter (which
doesn't sound too bad!)

Also, sorry for any mistakes/weird things in my writing, typing on an
iPad is hard! And for some reason the computer won't log me in to my

I'm seriously learning SO MUCH here. And not only just intellectually
understanding knowledge, but really internalizing it--that's hard! For
instance, I've learned really well that baptism is super important
because it's essentially what people need in order to really covenant
with God and come closer to Him, but actually asking people to be
baptized is super hard! I want to do it my way, which is not the way
God wants it to be done. So I'm working on that.

My district (basically our class of 9 people) has become so close,
it's crazy! Since we're not all going to the same place, I'm really
sad not to see most of them... Probably like ever again! And it's hard
to believe I met Sister Branch eight days ago... And since we met I
haven't been more than 50 feet away from her! Sooooo crazy. Ima send a
selfie of us, because I can't connect my camera to this iPad... But
really all I have is pictures of my district, so you're not missing a

Anyway, love you all lots! Life is the hizzle.


Sister Rollins

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