Sunday, May 17, 2015

Made it to the MTC!

Everything is going great here! A lot of people find the MTC super busy and overwhelming, but honestly it's not that bad. I suppose I'm used to long days and waking up early from high school, and Provo is still Provo, so nothing's terribly new. My companion, Sister Branch, is adorable! I seriously love her so much. She's from Mesa and going to the Utica, NY mission. She's turning 22 on Saturday and went to BYU-I for a few years before she came here. No other sisters are currently at the MTC going to Alaska, but there are three elders that are going. Our district (group of missionaries who have class and meals together) has 9 people - three sisters going to Utica, two sisters going to Colombia, SC, and me and the three elders going to Alaska. Everybody's great!


Usually there's more than one district in a zone, but this is a low-number time for the MTC (probably because it's before the summer rush? not sure) and so our district is our zone, which is also our branch! So for our Sunday meetings we'll have a large branch of 15! Our branch presidency is AWESOME--we met with them yesterday, and it was definitely my favorite part here so far. They were just so loving and knowledgeable and awesome and it was just fabulous.

The food here is good! I know a lot of people don't like it... but it's not bad. Oh, and somebody ask Scott if he drank the orange juice and that's why he had problems. There's some rumors floating around about it...

I love the schedule here! We have classes and lots of things to keep us busy, but also time for personal reflection. I'm learning so much!

Anyway, have a wonderful week! I love you all! Remember Jesus loves you!

Sister Rollins

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