Monday, February 29, 2016

Feb 29, 2016
50 Below and the Sun is Shining!
And this sign of -50... Is a lie :( it was actually insanely hot,
50 above. Literally was dying in a sweater #truealaskan

As you can see from the sign, I went to the northernmost Denny's in
the world! It was delicious.

So these are all the sisters I live with! Me, Sister Strong, Sister
Schoppmann, and Sister Christian being all cute as we head to do our

Investigators are falling from the sky... Almost literally. We had three people this week invite 
their friends to hear the gospel, and they all said yes and are insanely excited... So yay for 
teaching lots of people!

We went tracting in a trailer park, that's always fun. People always warn us about the 
crackheads and drug dealers... But we survived and found a kid that accepted a Book of 
Mormon and wants to meet with missionaries. Too bad we were tracting for the elders... But 
that's okay, as long as he hears about the Gospel it's fine.

Goals goals goals. Are amazing. Follow the Spirit.

Moose count: 52

Did I already send that number? Probably. Haven't seen any up here in Fairbanks yet...

I'm busy finding, teaching, and learning how to be a better person. As I was reading in Elder 
Montoya's talk this morning, work on smiling and expressing your compassionate feelings. 
The world will be a better place because of it.

Many loving words,

Sister Rollins

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