Tuesday, January 12, 2016

January 11, 2016
Apparently Sister Webster and I actually do missionary work

Lesson learned this week: shopping with Sister Webster is very dangerous. She will buy 
everything she likes and make you buy everything she likes for you. I wouldn't recommend 
it, although it was extremely fun. And of course, we went shopping at the one, the only, the 
fanciest of fancy: Target. Which, unless we go to Anchorage, is the nicest place to buy stuff.
 Yay Alaska!
I don't know if I written about this before, but here on Tuesdays and Fridays we go to a 
nursing home and play Bingo and serve ice cream and put up and take down Christmas 
decorations for old people. It's super fun! And the people who work there are amazing as 
well. When Sister McGraw was sick, we weren't able to go very much, but now that the 
craziness of the holidays has subsided we're back to volunteering there and it's great fun.
We started teaching an old black guy, he's great. I would be scared by his knowledge of 
Biblical material if God hadn't told me this Church was true.
One of the cute older sisters in our ward fed us dinner this week and was chattering away 
like a good old person does and said one of the most profound statements I've ever heard:
 "Going to the temple turns the word love from a noun into a verb." 
Let it marinate.
How do I turn the word love from a noun into a verb? How do I not just say that I love 
people, but really verbify the word? Something to ponder. My companion pointed out that 
she could tell a difference between the people that I really truly loved and the ones I love 
mildly mandatorily. I really do care about everyone, but I'm working on truly having that 
charity for all of them. 
The Church is true, the Book is blue, tracting is fun, and now I'm done.
Remember who you are!

Sister Rollins

Q asked of her: How do you find contacts if no one is out in the streets to chat with?
Answer:Haha, your question is a very good question. If no one is in the streets to chat with, 
then we knock on people's doors, which is not very effective.

We mostly find people to teach/talk to in eating/shopping establishments, during service 
(volunteering at the old folks' home, library, reindeer farm) or just through members. It really
 is quite difficult sometimes.

Driving to the reindeer farm to do service

                                                  Salmon fillets obviously belong right next to                                                   the scarves and jewelry!

         Shoe Shopping in Alaska

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