Monday, January 18, 2016

District Ice Skating
January 18, 2016

Classic Alaskan picture: snow, dirty cars, either blinding sun or no sun. Did you know that in North Pole, no one washes their cars all winter because if you washed your car and then drove out of the car wash all the water would instantly freeze? It's been a week! The old folks' home here discovered Sister Webster and I play piano and so we've been playing for the old people while they eat ice cream, yay! We went to the temple, it snowed, we had people cancel on us, we found other good work to do. I honestly can't think of anything else we did this week, but it was great! We are working hard and teaching people. One cool video I rediscovered this week was called "The Mediator," based on one of President Packer's talk. It's a parable about a man who goes into debt and then doesn't pay it off, and he's about to go to prison. However, his friend comes and pays the debt - he's the mediator. We're like the man in debt, and we will never be able to pay off that debt. Thankfully, though, we have a Mediator who loves us enough to pay that debt. We have to accept his help and live by his conditions, and then we can be free and live happily. What a wonderful message the Savior's Gospel is! Remember who you are! Sister Rollins

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