Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Nov 2, 2015
Missionary life unedited version
CW: graphic descriptions of sickness/puking

So then I went on exchanges and ate at Taco King... And then puked my guts out at this 
poor less active lady's house... Like everywhere. Poor Sister Johnstun dry heaves if she 
even hears someone else throw up, so she was no help. I think it was inspired, though - it 
was better than throwing up at the apartment, where I would have had to clean it up, and 
Sister Pike is my HERO and didn't complain one bit - aw, sweetie, go in the bathroom and 
clean up! Don't worry about it, I'll clean it up here - and cleaned it up with a mop bucket like
a champ in about 15 minutes. I mostly just felt bad that I had gotten it everywhere (I 
probably puked about 5 or 6 times) but I missed her couch and her rug, so she only had to 
clean up hardwood and the bathroom, which didn't seem to bother her too much... I slept a 
lot, drove home from exchanges, slept some more, slept a little more the next day and then
was completely back to normal. Don't eat at Taco King, kids!
And I really am completely fine!

I love snow. I love snow. I love snow. Did I mention I love snow?
It snowed a glorious amount here in Soldotna! Did I mention it's beautiful? And it snowed. 
Really only a couple inches, but it nigh covered all the things in a iridescent blanket of 
magic. Because snow is magnificently fantastical. And makes everything gorgeous. It also
seems to put a damper on people and their interactions with other humans, but the Lord 
still puts people in our path!

Sheila and Dennis are doing really well! They weren't able to meet with us during the week,
but managed to come to church on Sunday and had a blast. Sheila just wishes there was 
more singing and praising the Lord Almighty! We told her we'd work on that. They are truly 
an example to me of humility - they take everything we say, mull it over, and aren't afraid to
just accept it! It's crazy how willing they are to believe and just love everyone.

Funny River is always an adventure! The people there are so kind and always offer us too 
much food. We get offered a lot of food, actually - if anyone wants some leftovers... The 
wonderful couple that lives out there we've been seeing is actually now gone to Florida, so
they're adorable and happy there. They're actually stopping in Cincinnati on the way down 
to visit her brother in the hospital, so if you see the Neals, let me know! They're cute and old.
Halloween was a fun time! Sister Galli and I dressed up... As each other! It was a fun time. 
We went to a baptism of someone in our neighboring ward that was so fantastic, and met 
tons of nonmembers that were super friendly and interested!

Right afterward was the dual ward Trunk or Treat! It was dark and freezing cold, even at 
6:30. But it was also a blast! We passed out candy and met people. We were glad we had 
to go in at 7, though, because we were able to be warm and listen to conference talks while
doing a puzzle.

The Sabbath truly was a delight yesterday! Focusing on the sacrament and the changes 
you are making in your life, as well as seeking to serve as much as possible, makes all the 
Sister Rollins

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