Saturday, June 18, 2016

June 12, 2016
Christmas for July!

 Salutations, greetings &c!

Welp, transfer calls have come in, and from my subject line y'all can infer... I'm going to North 
Pole! Yes indeed, it really will be Christmas in July for this sister missionary. Am I excited? Oh 
yes.  It's back to rural Alaska for me, which is just peachy!

Although I'd like to take a minute and just say how much I dearly love the Fairbanks 2nd Ward 
and YSA Branch. For real, the friends I've made here can't ever be replaced, and it's really 
really sad to leave. So Fairbanks will definitely be missed. But for all of you who know
anything about Alaskan geography, North Pole is about 20 minutes from Fairbanks, so I'm not 
actually going far. Also, my new companion will be Sister Rose! From Des Moines, Iowa. 
Former roommate of Rosa Nielsen. Yes. It's gonna be good.

This past week has been filled with service! We planted flowers for the city, went to the 
Foodbank, and then helped someone whose house had completely burned down sort through 
some stuff. That was sad :(

Lots of people came to church! Six nonmembers, to be exact. It was exciting stuff. We didn't 
have enough hands to catch them all, but luckily the the ward does.

Saying lots of goodbyes, seeing people for the last time. Trying to cram information in Sister 
McGraw's mind/writing everything down I know. Nothing else too exciting.

Oh, and we did a musical number with Brendan! In both units. It was actually the same song I 
did with Sister Webster and Jessica in Palmer, Abide with Me. Fun times.

Remember who you are and what you stand for! One experience I was reading about this 
week was the angel Moroni appearing to Joseph Smith three times in one night, adding a little 
each time to his message. Thinking of my own forgetfulness at times, this week I wondered if
maybe Moroni forgot the end of his message, so he was sent back to deliver it... And then 
forgot more again, and had to go back again... Rough! But the Lord knew exactly what Joseph 
needed, which was to hear that message three times. God knows exactly what messenger 
He's sending with all their strengths and weaknesses, and He will use even your weaknesses 
to get a point across to people you need to touch. So don't be ashamed if you're trying to do 
the right thing and it doesn't happen perfectly - that's okay! You did it. That's what counts.

Have a beautifantastic week! Peace and blessings.

Sister Rollins

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